Get To Know Entertainer and Former TRAX Member, No Min-woo

no min woo trax profile

Everything You Should Know About Actor And Former TRAX Member Minue a.k.a No Min-woo

South Korea is known to have many entertainers, whether they become popular as K-Pop stars, actresses, actors, or any other type of celebrity who work in various fields to entertain the audiences and fans. Likewise with one of the actors/models/singers, No Min-woo, who is known as one of the top celebrities from South Korea.

It is also possible that many do not know that No Min-woo was previously a member of a South Korean band under SM Entertainment, but his career did not continue there. Why? Let’s find out more about No Min-woo’s profile, fun facts, and his career journey, in this Channel-Korea article below.

Full Profile of TRAX’s No Min-woo

no min woo trax profile

Real Name: No Mi-woo (Hangul: 노민우)

Stage Name: MINUE (Hangul: 민우)

Birthday: May 29th, 1986

Star Sign: Gemini

Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)

Height: 185 cm (6’0″)

Blood Type: AB


  • Yongmun Middle School
  • Yongmun High School Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Film
  • Inha University

Position In The Group: Drummer

Family Members:

  • Mother (Oh Min-jung)
  • Younger Brother (No Jeong-hoon)

Active Period: TRAXX (2004–2006)

Official Sites:

Facts About TRAX’s No Min-woo

no min woo trax profile
  1. TRAX’s No Min-woo was born in Japan
  2. TRAX’s No Min-woo’s nationality is Korean
  3. TRAX’s No Min-woo can play the piano, the drums, the guitar, and the saxophone
  4. TRAX’s No Min-woo can speak Korean, Japanese, and English
  5. TRAX’s No Min-woo’s former stage names are Rose (2004–2006) and Icon
  6. TRAX’s No Min-woo started playing piano at the age of 7
  7. TRAX’s No Min-woo is a previous member (guitarist) of The Romantist
  8. TRAX’s No Min-woo is a previous member of 24/7
  9. TRAX’s No Min-woo enlisted in the military in October 2016 as the army 52nd Infantry Division full-time reservist
  10. TRAX’s No Min-woo was discharged from the military in July 2018
  11. TRAX’s No Min-woo refused to disclose his blood type, saying he did not want to be judged as a person by his blood type
  12. TRAX’s No Min-woo established MJ Dreamsys, a one-man agency on December 12th, 2012
  13. TRAX’s No Min-woo’s younger has brother participated in writing lyrics and singing
  14. TRAX’s No Min-woo said that it wasn’t easy to find male celebrities that suit women’s clothing, so the reporter wanted a woman’s pictorial openly. “I really like taking pictures with such an unconventional concept. But as an actor, I’m a little cautious now because I’m afraid I’ll become a ‘woman-like man’ character,” he said
  15. TRAX’s No Min-woo was rumored of dating Japanese actress Ayase Haruka for two years

No Min-woo’s Debut with TRAX

no min woo trax profile

From July 2004 to May 2006, SM Entertainment released TRAX’s Out The Paradox single album and No Min-woo’s stage name as Rose. Before debuting, No Min-woo appeared in the 2002 Survival Audition HeeJun vs. KangTa Battle of the Century with TRAX bandmates Typhoon and Attack, as well as Kim Jun-su, and Super Junior’s Sungmin and Eunhyuk. Two years after joining TRAX, No Min-woo decided to leave the group and continue his career as a solo artist and pursue his dreams in another field.

TRAX’s No Min-woo’s Solo Activity

no min woo trax profile

In 2009 No Min-woo joined 24/7 (Twenty Four Seven) and released the single 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.

In 2013, they formed a three-member rock band under the stage name ICON and released their first single album, Rockstar. Since then, he has been working as a solo artist under the name MINUE while working as an actor as well.

no min woo trax profile

With fair skin and a beautiful appearance that is as good as a woman’s, No Min-woo is an eye-catching singer and actor. He can be seen as an art activist in all areas, from drums, guitar, piano, singing, writing lyrics, composing, producing, and acting. However, in the midst of his career journey, his activities were limited due to long conflicts and lawsuits with his agency.

As rock is somewhat underdeveloped in Korean society, due to differences in music culture that has a different taste from the music he pursues, the Korean culture has been neglecting him. Fans are saddened that he would otherwise have become a great star, and a great musician. This is in stark contrast to the fact that he is more popular and loved in Japan and China.

no min woo trax profile

In December 2010, he appeared as Kim Tae-won in KBS2’s Rock Rock Rock and drew admiration from viewers by showing off his guitar skills in every major scene. It is a non-fiction music drama depicting the musical life of Kim Tae-won, the guitarist of the group Resurrection.


no min woo trax profile

On December 12th, 2012, the exclusive contract with Core Contents Media expired, and MJ Dreamsys, a one-person agency, was established. It is said that it was to show his image as an artist, not as actor No Min-woo. He held a solo concert at Konkuk University’s New Millennium Hall.

On July 1st, 2013, a three-member rock band was formed and ICON then released Iconic O Disco Rockstar as their first single album. Members include drummer Monster and DJ Disco. In this album, No Min-wo was in charge of vocals, drum, guitar, and bass playing, as well as writing, composing, and arranging the music. The response to the new song was even hotter in Japan.

no min woo trax profile

“This album is also the first debut and comeback of an artist called ICON, but it is an album that I wanted to show a different existence within me… I like rock and electronic music, but the public likes easy-to-listen music, so I thought about that point. Three years ago, experts and composer hyungs told me, ‘This is worth fighting for,’ so I prepared steadily.”

In 2020, he formed the band THE MIDNIGHT ROMANCE and is active as a frontman then also released a single with a music video titled “Nightmare”.