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TRAX’s Jungmo’s Collaboration with Hee-chul as M&D

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The project formed by SM Entertainment which is M&D is a collaboration between Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX member Kim Jungmo, who debuted in 2011. The name M&D itself is an acronym for Midnight and Dawn or Miari and Dangyedong which was inspired by the names of their respective hometowns.

The M&D duo of the K-rock genre released their first single titled “Close Your Mouth” in July 2011. Unfortunately, in the same month, the two idols announced the disbandment of M&D to the public and this caused disappointment to netizens.

At that time Heechul said, “With today’s schedule as the last promotion, 21st century M&D is coming to an end. Goodbye forever … Let’s meet again through Super Junior and Trax.”

After nearly four years after the project group disbanded, it seems the two artists are still yearning to collaborate. Some time ago, they had given signs of coming back.

jungmo trax profile

Jungmo uploaded a photo of himself sitting at the computer and also a photo of him and Heechul in the recording studio. Jungmo wrote: “Coming Soon !!! #MnD,” without further explanation on the caption.

On March 16th, 2015, Kim Heechul uploaded a photo on his Weibo account at the location where the M&D video clip was shot. In the photo, you can see the Super Junior member sitting in the director’s chair with comedians Jang Dong Min and Lee Jin-ho, singer Gun-hee, pro-gamer Jo Jae-yeol, and GFRIEND’s Yerin around him. He wrote: “Coming soon M&D.”

jungmo trax profile

On April 9th, 2015, guitarists Jungmo and Heechul were seen sitting on a black sofa in front of a whitewashed brick wall for a teaser for M&D with their comeback, “I Wish”.

The two of them were wearing matching clothes, namely a white T-shirt wrapped in a red-black plaid jacket and trousers. Jungmo appears with pink hair while Heechul looks confident with his brown hair.

On April 20th, 2015, M&D finally released their first mini-album after debuting in 2011 with “Close Your Mouth”. This mini-album is M&D’s first comeback after a four-year hiatus, after being disbanded by management.

The title song in their latest mini-album is titled “I Wish”. Like their debut single in 2011, the music video for “I Wish” starred many K-Pop idol personnel who have close relationships with Heechul.

In 2016, M&D released a new single “Narcissus”, starring South Korea’s top model, Kim Jin-kyung.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s wish to collaborate with Mamamoo’s Wheein has finally come true. Both were present in the single “Narcissus” which was included in the SM STATION music project.

Apart from Wheein, Heechul also collaborated with TRAX’s Jungmo on the song. On April 15th, 2016, SM Entertainment released the “Narcissus” music video at midnight local time. The rock ballad song tells the story of a man who separates from his lover even though he still has feelings. As if they already represent these feelings, the “Narcissus” music video comes with mixed feelings from the model, Kim Jin-kyung.

The music video, which lasts about 4 minutes, begins with the scene of the model living her day happily with her lover. However, at the end of the music video, it can be seen that what she has been doing so far is not reality, but just memories and longings that suddenly appear.

After watching the “Narcissus” music video, the fans’ curiosity that was made to wait has paid off. Instead, fans got sad and cried watching the music video as well as hearing Heechul’s perfect duet with Wheein.

“I burst into tears. It’s very beautiful, Wheein-ah,” said a fan. “Heechul and Mamamoo’s Wheein’s voice, both are good. And Wheein’s high tone kills me,” exclaimed the other fans.

The album titled Goody Bag also features many different genres. One of them is a song called “Ulsanbawi” which is used as the title track. Jungmo and Heechul try out the trot genre, a traditional song from South Korea that is usually enjoyed by the elderly.

Of course, the duo didn’t only prepare a trot song. There were many songs ranging from slightly rocky to ballad rock also ready to be released on July 12th, 2016. “We didn’t want to limit our genre from the start and will do all kinds of music we can,” Jungmo said in an interview with Ilgan Sports about their comeback.

“Ulsanbawi” also emerged as an original idea from him and Heechul. With the reason of wanting to distinguish this mini-album from the first, that is why trot was made the highlight for the album titled Goody Bag. “We don’t want any overlapping genres,” Jungmo concluded.

The title of “Ulsanbawi” is inspired by a tourist location in the Ulsan area, South Korea, which is a beautiful granite rock hill. From up there, we can see Mount Sorak, the East Sea, Dalma Peak, and the Haksapyeong Reservoir.

SM Entertainment finally released a music video for the title song, “Ulsanbawi”. The music video was released through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel at midnight local time. Interestingly, this music video for “Ulsanbawi” features IOI’s Jung Chaeyeon. The music video shows a funny scene where Chaeyeon plays a celebrity and Heechul becomes his fan.

The mini-album Goody Bag contains 6 tracks including the “Ulsanbawi” title song, which is a trot genre, and there is also a remix version of the song.

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Looking at their friendship and the decision to work together with M&D, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed the fact that he was almost the main vocalist for the band TRAX which is also under SM Entertainment.

His partner in the M&D project group as well as Heechul’s close friend, Kim Jungmo of TRAX, was also a guest star in the show Singderella. He also revealed that when he returned, there was a time when he felt confused and frequented nightclubs.

He continued, “I was so frustrated that I gave up debuting with TRAX and returned to my hometown of Gangwon Province. TRAX’s Jungmo and Jay, TVXQ’s Yunho, and Super Junior’s Donghae persuaded me to return to SM,” he added.

Jungmo’s Future Activity after TRAX’s Disbandment

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After 15 years of debut and becoming an artist under SM Entertainment, Jay and Jungmo have shared their sincere thoughts on leaving TRAX and SM Entertainment.

On April 30th, 2019, SM Entertainment confirmed that the contracts of TRAX members Jay and Jungmo had ended and they would be leaving the agency. The duo debuted in 2004 as TRAX, the agency’s first rock band. They later changed the name TRAX and added DJ-producer Ginjo as a member to develop as an EDM group.

Following news of their departure, Jungmo and Jay shared photos on their Instagram accounts with Lee Soo Man, head of SM Entertainment, and shared their thoughts on leaving the agency.

Read TRAX’s Jungmo’s full letter below:

jungmo trax profile

Hello. This is TRAX’s Jungmo.

Maybe a lot of people have heard what happened through the news. But at the end of that thought and consideration, Jay and I decided to leave SM and TRAX in order to promote on our own terms. I want to thank Lee Soo Man and everyone at SM for supporting our future and telling us good things to the end.

Promoting in a good environment, I have learned many things, not just music. I believe that it is a great dish in the days leading up to the rest of my life. I also want to apologize and thank our member Ginjo, who was able to understand and support our decision. And to our fans who have supported us since July 17th, 2004, thank you for always giving us unchanging love despite all the obstacles and drawbacks.

I believe that if we work hard where we are, there will definitely be a day when we can see all of you under the name TRAX. To do so, I will promote more actively. Please give lots of support in the future too.

I started in SM at 18 and debuted at 20. A lot of time has passed since then. It still doesn’t feel real that I’m leaving this place that I really like and promote. Part of me is nervous, but another part is excited.

I will start the second part of my life in an extraordinary way so that I don’t disappoint many people and that my decisions are not in vain. The temperature changes have been severe lately, so please everyone be careful not to get sick.

2019.04.30 From Jungmo.”

The following year, Jungmo released his solo single after leaving SM Entertainment and starting his own career. With this new step, Jungmo greeted fans again by releasing “Erase You” (Hangul: 널 지워야 한다) along with a music video that was released at OGAM Entertainment on February 19th, 2020.

In the “Erase You” music video, Jungmo shows his manly side, but in the ballad genre and displays mellow songs. In one of the scenes, Jungmo is shown wearing a white turtleneck and the appearance of a female model who appears as Jungmo’s lover. “Erase You” describes the feelings of a boy who tries to move on from his girlfriend after their breakup.

On April 15th, 2020, Jungmo greeted fans again with a more cheerful and upbeat song. The single titled “Magic” (Hangul: 요술 부 렸나 봐) is another single that was released after each member of TRAX decided to leave the previous agency. Being a solo artist in his current career also proves that Jungmo can not only play the guitar during his career in the music industry, but he also has a very beautiful voice when singing as a solo artist.

Well, that was all the information about TRAX’s Jungmo, starting from his full profile, fun facts, career journey, his M&D project with Kim Heechul, to the latest news about his resignation from SM Entertainment and the start of his own path as a solo artist. Let’s give Jungmo support so that his career can shine even brighter in the future!

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