Known As The Idol-Turned-MC, Here’s The Transition Of ZE:A’s Kwanghee!

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In July, 2019, Seven months after finishing his military service, Kwanghee traveled to Europe for a holiday. He went to Switzerland and enjoyed the bright, sunny weather of the Alpine. Judging from his pictures, apparently he preferred sightseeing in areas with beautiful scenery and townscapes. It is the perfect time for Kwanghee to enjoy the moment and re-energize his spirit.


Kwanghee appeared as the main MC of MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol alongside Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang-hee. On an episode of the show which aired on July 31, 2019, NCT Dream appeared as guests. Jo Se-ho told Kwanghee that one of the members of NCT Dream, Jaemin, looked like him, especially when he is smiling. Even the other NCT members agreed with Jo Se-ho’s opinion. When Jaemin came forward and sat next to Kwanghee, apparently, there was a slight resemblance. However, Jaemin’s chin was more pointed than Kwanghee’s chin and Jaemin’s smile was more lovely that Kwanghee’s.

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