T-ARA’s Qri’s Transformation That You Probably Not Recognize


Look Back At T-ARA’s Qri Transformation From Her Pre-Debut Days

T-Ara is considered as one of the most popular girl groups of all time. T-Ara debuted in 2009 with the release of their studio album Absolute First Album. The album included several hit songs, among which “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “You Drive Me Crazy.” T-Ara was an instant hit and its members gained huge popularity since their debut days.

One of T-ara’s members, Qri, was known for her incredible voice range. Before her debut, she was known as a popular female student in her high school. She looked pure with her long hair and her big eyes. Other than her voice, Qri was also popular for continuously transforming and reinventing her visual appearance.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about T-ARA’s Qri’s transformation from her pre-debut days. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling!



Name: Lee Ji-hyun

Stage name: Qri

Date of Birth: December 12th, 1986

Place of Birth: Goyang, South Korea

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 41 kg

Blood Type: B

Management: MBK

Education: Department of Theater and Visual Arts, Myungji University

Instagram: @qtfreet

Twitter: QriPretty

Religion: Buddhist

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Shio: The Year of the Tiger

Fun facts:

  • Qri, Boram, and Soyeon formed the T-ara subgroup QBS in May 2013
  • She made a cameo appearance in the SBS TV drama Giant
  • She acted in the KBS drama King Geunchogo in 2011 alongside T-ara member Eunjung
  • She became the leader of T-ara in 2013
  • Before debuting, she appeared and was interviewed by a reporter on KBS News 9
  • She was due to debut as female bassist with the MC Sniper band but later debuted as a member of T-ara
  • She left MBK Entertainment in 2017
  • She is known for her incredibly high pitch and oftentimes is selected to sing the most important parts of a song



Due to her beautiful face, big eyes and lovely smile, T-ARA’s Qri gained suspicion of undergoing plastic surgery before her debut. Photos of her pre-debut days circulated and became the proof of her beautiful pre-debut face. During her high school days, she looked pure and innocent with a long and simple hairstyle. Her smile was sweet and she could easily be popular among the boys. She complemented her appearance with her active personality. She regularly became class leader in her school.


Before debuting as a T-ara member, Qri participated in cable channel Olive TV’s Law of Permanent Love in 2010. She acted as the seducer lady who was assigned to seduce and tease men to test their loyalty to their female partners. During the shooting, she dressed casually with a sexy hairstyle. At the time she was around 24 years old. She looked cute and sexy with a mini skirt, loose shirt, and wavy hair.

Lee Ji-hyun or Qri was interviewed by KBS News 9 when commuting on the Seoul metro subway. At the time, she expressed her concern about the inconvenience when using the city bus. In the interview, she gave her name as Lee Qri rather than Lee Ji-hyun. The interview was made around three months before her debut with T-ARA. In the video, Qri looked pretty and stylish. Her long hair and big wide eyes gave her a youthful and pure image.

During the 2008 Seoul Olympics, Qri expressed her support to Korean athletes that competed for medals in their home country. She looked very cute with her long hair and active personality.



Qri was one of the most beautiful members of the idol girl group T-ARA. With her lovely smile and big eyes, she captivated the fans and become the perfect idol among T-ARA male fans. Her most important charm was her pure and innocent image.



After debuting with T-ARA in July 2009, Qri made a supporting role appearance in the popular drama Queen Seondeok playing the role of the daughter of Hajong. Qri looked like traditional Korean beauty with her big eyes and pointed chin. Her appearance in the hit drama raised her popularity to a whole new level.



T-ARA’s Qri chose a more vivid and colorful appearance. Since 2010, she preferred a cute appearance by selecting colorful makeup with pink eyeliner and pink lipstick. Her melancholic eyes could melt any man’s heart and make him fall for her.



Qri looked cute with a top-tied wavy hairstyle. Her face looked slightly pointed and her chin looked sharp. She completed her girly look with heavy eyeliner.



Qri looked sweet, cute and lovely with her chubby cheeks, mild lipstick, and neck length hair. It was easy to assume that 2012 is the last year of Qri with her youthful look before going to a more mature look in 2013.



Qri of T-Ara showed up with multitone layered hair when performing with T-ara’s subunit QBS, at an event in Osaka, Japan. She added a shiny hairband to complete her cute outfit.



Qri chose to dye her hair to straight orange copper. She completed her chic and glamorous look with heavily shaded eyeliner and eyebrows. She could easily be another magazine model with her appearance.



Qri prepared sandwiches before rehearsal performance on the KBS2TV Music Bank. Qri looked like a character out of a Japanese comic book with her golden blonde hair, cute sunflower chef-hat, white shirt, red lipstick, and yellow apron. She looked casual yet stunningly beautiful in the outfit.



Qri looked like the pretty junior on campus when performing at Blue SkyWay, Youngsan, Seoul. She dyed her hair blonde but kept her pure and innocent image. She decided to perform with layered long hair that made her look much younger than her actual age. At the time, T-ARA released their 12th mini-album Remember.



T-ARA released their 13th mini-album What’s My Name on June 14th, 2017. Qri and other T-ARA members looked glamour, sexy and dazzling in shining body tight stage outfits. Qri kept her makeup and hairstyle simple. She just tied her hair and made a ponytail to give her the pure and innocent look.



In May 2018, Qri was spotted having a romantic date with popular Korean lawyer, Jeong Cheon in Fukuoka, Japan. Throughout 2018, Qri kept her silver-blonde hair color but alternated her hairstyles between a wavy ponytail and a let-loose straight hairstyle.



Qri performed a model pose during the opening of the 2020 S/S Seoul Fashion Week at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul. The opening show was held on October 18th, 2019. T-ARA’s Qri was one of the fashion models. She prepared herself by wearing a glittering winter jacket and dyed her hair in a red velvet color. She looked gorgeous and deserved a shot in becoming a fashion model.


That was all the information about Qri’s transformation throughout the years from her pre-debut days. Don’t forget to share your opinion about her transformation in the comment section below!