Transformation of T-ARA’s Hyomin: from a Girl Group Member to a Solo Artist!



In August 2013, T-Ara released their second Japanese-language studio album, Treasure Box. The Korean EP Again was released in October 2013.

In early April 2013, Their label announced that T-ara would form a sub-unit with members of Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum, called T-ara N4. This is a short form of ‘T-ara Brand New 4’, which marks the transformation of the four members. The sub-unit debuted on April 29, 2013, with the song “Jeon Won Diary” (전원 일기), produced by Duble Sidekick.

Number Nine (넘버나인)


“Number Nine” was released in October, 2013. This song was released by T-Ara on their comeback album Again.

Do You Know Me (나 어떡해)

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“Do You Know Me” (나 어떡해) was released in 2013, from the album 1977.


Diadem (T-ara)

T-ara made a Korean comeback on December 2, 2013, with the song “Sugar Free”. Their concept for this comeback and music video was in accordance with the concept of a theater with a retro style. Also in this year, Hyomin made her solo debut, with the song “Nice Body”.

Sugar Free (슈가프리)

On September 11th, T-ara And & End’s sixth mini album was released along with two music videos for the title song, “Sugar Free”. This song is inspired by EDM and is part of a large space electro house music subgenre. On September 24, a remix album was released. called EDM CLUB Sugar Free Edition. This album includes the English version of “Sugar Free”, which is the first song T-ara recorded in English.

Nice Body


“Nice Body” is a solo debut song by Hyomin, which was released on June 30, 2014. Two main music videos for “Nice Body” were released by management, as promised. The first video was given a rating of 15+, while the second video worked in the ‘dance version’ format, and was rated 19+.

The “Nice Body” video with the rating of 15+ takes the imaginary concept of a fat girl who fantasizes about having a body like Barbie. Hyomin, herself, plays the girl’s figure. With makeup techniques she was transformed into a fat figure who likes to eat.

Asleep in front of a pile of sweet donuts in the kitchen, Hyomin’s thin figure appeared in her dream. Showing off her “Nice Body”, Hyomin seemed to have fun through the song composed by Brave Brothers.

As for the video version 19+, as the title suggests, only choreographic shots are shown here. This rating is given because of the sexy movements displayed by the T-Ara members and  Hyomin, along with some female background dancers.



On July 17, 2015, MBK Entertainment confirmed that T-Ara would join the summer comeback lineup in the first week of August. On August 3, 2015, T-ara’s seventh mini album, So Good, with the title song “So Crazy” was released.

So Crazy (완전 미쳤네)

T-ara World

“So Crazy” is T-Ara’s summer comeback song. This song was composed by Brave Brothers, who produced Hyomin’s debut song in 2014.



In 2016, T-Ara did not have many comebacks because of their tight schedule abroad. But at the end of 2016, T-Ara finally made a comeback by releasing their eighth mini album. In 2016, Hyomin also made her solo comeback with Sketch.

Tiamo (띠아모)


This mini-album was produced by Duble Sidekick in November. This mini album is titled Remember, with the lead single “TIAMO” released on November 9th.



‘SKETCH’ is Hyomin’s second solo release after 2014’s ‘MAKE UP’. Marcan Entertainment’s taem of composers, led by Ryan Jhun, who succeeded with EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’, Red Velvet’s ‘Dumb Dumb’ and SHINee’s ‘View’, produced Hyomin’s flagship song on the ‘SKETCH’ album.

Hyomin also showed off her ability to compose songs on one of the tracks in the album. Another popular name that participated was the former Highlight member, Yong Jun-hyung.



In 2017, all the T-ara members’ contracts with MBK Entertainment officially ended. Hyomin and the other members decided not to renew their contract. Before leaving MBK Entertainment, T-ara made their comeback.

What’s My Name? (내 이름은)


What’s My Name? is the ninth mini album from T-ara. This album was released by MBK Entertainment on June 14, 2017, and distributed by Interpark. The album consists of nine songs, and was the final release by T-ara before their dissolution.


Monsters and Critics

After her contract expired at the end of 2017, Hyomin decided to leave the agency that had raised her name, MBK Entertainment.


In the music video “Mango”, Hyomin always appeared wearing a costume with the concept of colors that match with mangoes. The 1989-born idol was seen in a variety of different settings ranging from elevators, bars, and karaoke places to luxury yachts.

The new main song has two double meanings, namely mango and the words, ‘Man, Go!’. The phrase was used to compare Hyomin with a mango and also how Hyomin tries to describe the uncertain relationship between a man and woman in the choir.



Channels – V LIVE

In 2019, Hyomin released new songs for her solo comeback. Hyomin released songs with the titles “U Um U Um” and “Allure”.

U Um U Um

Channels – V LIVE

The single album “U Um U Um” is a song written by Hyomin as a new year’s gift for her fans. The single album “U Um U Um” was released on January 20, 2019. “U Um U Um” is a song that was first recorded in August 2018. The last time Hyomin released a single was in September 2018, under the title “Mango”.



This mini album was released on February 20, 2019, at 18:00 local time (KST), just a month after her last comeback through the song “U Um U Um (으음 으음)” on January 20.

The song titled “Allure/Lip Corner” (입꼬리) was chosen as the title track from among the seven songs in this new album. It was stated that the album contained various song genres, such as hip hop, R&B, and ballads.