K-Movie Review: ‘Train to Busan’ Follows The Passengers Trapped on a Train During a Zombie Outbreak

Train to Busan: The Soundtracks

Train to Busan

Goodbye World by Jang Young-gyu

We have Goodbye World from Jang Young-gyu! From the title, it’s clear this is a sad song. Other than that, the translation of the lyrics also gives an emotional feeling, since the song was related with Seok Woo and Soo An when they were separated, because Seok Woo was slowly turned into a zombie and left Soo An.

What should I do? I am just watching you

I can’t even say a short farewell

You hold on to my cold hands

But now I have to send you away“.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Train to Busan

Train to Busan

1. Unexpected ending and unexpected plot-twists

In any movie, people start to develop their own theories about how it will end. In Train to Busan, your assumptions might well be wrong, however. This film has an unexpected ending and unexpected plot-twists! Through every scene, you’ll be wondering about who would survive and who won’t, so get ready!

2. Proof that Korean entertainment can produce a big box- office movie!

Since the popularity of K-dramas has been mushrooming in every country, many people think that South Korea only creates television series. Train to Busan proves that South Korea is also producing top-quality film productions which can get large audiences and generate a high level of profit.

3. Deep relationships between the characters

Train to Busan amazed us and stirred up a lot of emotions at the same. For example, we could get emotionally involved when in the deep relationship between father and daughter, like Seok Woo and Soo An, husband-wife like Sang Hwa and Sung Kyung, and also the boyfriend-girlfriend like Young Guk and Jin Hee. All of the men were struggling to protect their women, even if they had to sacrifice themselves.

4. The ‘Human’ Zombies

In a lot of zombie-themed movies, the zombies were terrifying and looked like monsters, with strange forms and disgusting appearances. But in Train to Busan, the zombies looked like real humans, even though their eyes were all white and their bodies were covered in blood. But still, their appearance mostly looked ordinary humans!

5. Highly recommended and worth watching!

If you love a good zombie movie, Train to Busan must be on your watch list! The plot twist, the unexpected ending, the great characters, and the moral values are several reasons why Train to Busan is highly recommended and worth it to watch!

Train to Busan 2?

Train to Busan

Have you heard that there will be a sequel to Train to Busan, Train to Busan 2? It’s been reported that the director of Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho, is making a second film.

Train to Busan 2 is expected to be released in 2020, with the filming happening sometime this year. Yeon Sang-ho will be directing the sequel. What will the plot be? Even though the story hasn’t revealed yet, some source has said that Train to Busan 2 would be focusing on how the characters find the cure for the zombie virus.

That was all of the information about Train to Busan and the upcoming sequel, Train to Busan 2! Overall, this zombie thriller surpassed expectations, which is why Channel Korea gives it a high recommendation.

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