K-Drama Review: The Love Story of the Grim Reaper and a Shop Owner from ‘Goblin’ in ‘Touch Your Heart’


The Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na are Back, in the Rom-Com Drama Touch Your Heart!

Still can’t move on from the Grim Reaper and Sunny’s love story in Goblin? We have great news for you! If you’re a big fan of Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na, you must already know that the two of them have reunited in another drama, after the success of Goblin. Fortunately, the tragic fate they shared in their last drama won’t be repeated in this new one! Touch Your Heart is a romantic comedy about an actress and a lawyer, so you can expect a more satisfying ending for them.

Touch Your Heart aired on cable TV tvN from February 6 to March 28, 2019, and is based on a web novel with the same title. The drama’s average rating was 4.48% in Seoul and 3.97% nationwide, which is a respectable rating for a show on a cable network.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you our review of drama Touch Your Heart, so stay tuned!

Touch Your Heart: Review


Touch Your Heart is the second drama that Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na have worked on together. Fans have no doubt about their insane chemistry, because it was already obvious when they acted together in Goblin. Since then, fans have waiting for their comeback as a couple in another drama. Luckily, our wishes came true, since the two of them are paired together again!

Touch Your Heart tells a story about a famous actress, Oh Jin-shim, professionally known as Oh Yoon-seo, who is involved in a scandal with the son from a chaebol family which damages her career, leaving her unemployed for two years. Her career as an actress declines precipitously. She is known for her lovely appearance, but she’s really bad at acting.

Later, Oh Yoon-seo learns that for  a famous screenwriter wants her to play the leading woman role in a drama series. The protagonist works as an attorney’s secretary. Oh Yoon-seo needed to work as the secretary for a lawyer for a few months to obtain knowledge for the role. Kwon Jung-rok, meanwhile, is a lawyer for a law firm. He’s cold-hearted and arrogant. One day, Kwon Jung-rok’s boss asked him to let the actress work for him for three months as his secretary. He is not pleased with the situation, but he must accept it.


In the story, Jung-rok and Yoon-seo have very different temperaments and personalities. Jung-rok is cold, serious, and independent. Yoon-seo has a cheerful, fun, and ambitious.  The differences in their characters is what ultimately causes friction between them and they fight every time they meet. In fact, Yoon-seo is often annoyed by Jung-rok’s behavior, and he cannot accept her presence. However, this ‘Tom and Jerry’ situation will quickly change, as it starts to appear in their true nature.

When you first see this drama, you might be reminded of the successful 2018 series, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. This is because the main actors work together as the boss and secretary. But, of course, this drama has a very different character and story line.


Any office drama would be incomplete if it didn’t present ‘unique’ coworkers. Thanks to the characters of coworkers with different backgrounds, the drama, that aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays, gives freshness without having to always focus on Jung-rok and Yoon-seo.

In the first and second episodes, the initial introduction of the characters in Touch Your Heart was a success because it managed to lay out the overall background of the characters that will be present around Yoon-seo and Jung-rok.

There are several things that make this drama different from romantic comedies in general. Yoon-seo, as a top artist with all her experiences being a CF star, always managed to ‘steal the scene’ on the sidelines of her chat with Jung-rok.


In just two episodes, she parodied advertisements for famous Korean products. In one scene, she even publicly promoted a real product which sponsors the drama Touch Your Heart. So funny, right?

Touch Your Heart is light and fun to watch. The story’s trope of ‘hate becoming love’ remains a ‘delicious meal’ for Korean drama lovers, and it is evident that the drama’s premiere episode rating is the highest among all the dramas in the same time slot.


Oh Yoon-seo slowly wins the heart of Kwon Jung-rok as a diligent secretary, and can complete all the tasks ordered by his superiors. Generally speaking, the more the drama concentrated on the growth of the relationship between the one true pairing (OTP), the cuter and adorable this drama became.

With Yoon-seo working as Jung-rok’s secretary, there are more than a few occasions when it feels like the show is going off on a tangent about the week’s case. But, the strong silver lining is that the drama also utilizes these instances to create the OTP connection, and we, as the viewers, valued that a lot.

As a general rule, our OTP connection grows in a way we found natural and sweet, and the strong chemistry between our leads made it all the more enjoyable to watch.



In the previous episode, after getting back together, Jung-rok finally revealed the reason he decided to break up with Yoon-seo. Jung-rok said that he was only trying to protect Yoon-seo’s career, so now he still doesn’t mind if they have to keep their relationship a secret from the public. Yoon-seo’s new drama staff is looking for a lawyer as the drama adviser, because Yoon Seo’s drama, Love Hurts, has a legal genre. Thus, the CEO of Yoon-seo’s agency asked the CEO of the Always law firm, where Jung-rok worked, to find someone who could act as an adviser for the drama.


Finally, Jung-rok volunteered and was chosen as the drama’s adviser. He did it so that he could continue to see Yoon-seo. After that, Jung-rok immediately met with Yoon-seo on the set. They made the manager worry because they often stole opportunitites to interact in front of the other drama staff. Joon-kyu tells Jung-rok that there are rumors in the entertainment industry that Yoon-seo is dating a co-star in their latest drama. Even though Jung-rok knew that wasn’t true, he was worried and started to investigate Yoon-seo’s co star.


Yoon-seo met Jung-rok when she wasn’t scheduled to shoot. She asked Jung-rok to help her rehearse by being her co-star and they practiced together. Yoon-seo and Jung-rok finally announced to their colleagues that they were currently in a relationship while they were all at dinner together. They did it because Yoon-seo felt sorry for Jung-rok, who could not tell anyone that they were currently dating. Because he trusted his colleagues at the Always law firm, Yoon-seo finally told them, too.


In the last episode, Yoon-seo was Jung-rok’s secretary for a day. Meanwhile, Se-won and Yeo-reum finally get back together after successfully resolving the misunderstanding between them. The CEO of Always law firm and president of Yoon-seo’s fan-base still can’t accept that Jung-rok is Yoon-seo’s lover, so he sheds his frustration by bothering Jung-rok all day. In addition, there are also many surprises, such as Eun-ji and Doo-seob deciding to date and Yoon-seo getting the offer to be a DJ on a radio show.

Overall, Touch Your Heart was a truly pleasant drama. The simplicity of the story and its main hook were the protagonists. Some people might consider the story too ordinary and cliche, but the show made it work, anyway. The focus of the drama never shifted, as it has always been about Jung-rok and Yoon-seo’s love journey. The side arcs added interest to the events that helped the main couple discover their way to each other.

Here’s what some people said about the drama:

[Bluebird]: The sweetest drama ever! I laughed, cried and was excited with them. Seriously, It is a fluttering series. Well Watched!

[Ted]: I really enjoyed this drama, cliche or not this is a very good watch. I recommend this drama.

[Rebecca M Bedow]: I love the warmth of these two characters. It has the feeling of a thinking person’s romance. Less action more emotion.

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Touch Your Heart: Cast


Yoo In-na as Oh Yoon-seo

Oh Yoon-seo is a top star who loses fame after being swept up in a third-generation chaebol scandal. She poses as the secretary of Jung-rok to create her comeback by starring in a famous writer’s project

Yoo In-na is the star of this series, and her personal charm makes our protagonist, Oh Yoon-seo, so genuine, cute, and very enjoyable, whatever the situation. She played as a top actress with bad acting skills, and she really nailed the character!


Lee Dong-wook as Kwon Jung-rok

Lee Dong-wook played as our cold-hearted lawyer with a deadpan expression and harsh words every time he opens his mouth. He’s the workaholic lawyer of the elite, who always wins his cases and is deeply concerned about his firm’s reputation. Lee Dong-wook’s strait-lined lawyer is a wonderful foil for Yoo In-na’s sparkling excitement, and they lit our screen together as they bickered, talked, and stumbled into true love.