Topp Dogg’s Comeback, 2015-2018

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Information About Topp Dog’s Comeback

Having debuted as a thirteen-member boy group under Stardom Entertainment in 2013, Topp Dogg has come back to promote their music in the Korean music industry several times. Topp Dogg has released a total of one full album, four mini-albums, and three repackage albums. In this article, Channel-Korea will share information regarding Topp Dogg’s promotional comeback in certain years, namely in 2015, 2017, and in 2018. Stay tuned!

Topp Dogg’s Comeback in 2015

topp dogg

Topp Dogg came back with their fourth mini-album entitled The Beat, which was released on 19 October 2015. The album entered the top 10 Korean music chart at #8 and sold over 5,000 copies. This is the first of Topp Dogg’s albums as a ten-member boy group after Seogoong, Gohn, and Kidoh decided to leave for various reasons, such as racism, physical and verbal abuse from a certain member, and mismanagement of their career by the home agency. Moreover, The Beat is also the first Topp Dogg release after their agency Stardom Entertainment was acquired by and merged into Hunus Entertainment. Before its release, four teaser videos were uploaded over the course of two weeks leading up to the release date, for the songs titled Emotion, O.A.SI.S, all eyez on me, and The Beat.

Topp Dogg’s Comeback in 2017

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Unfortunately, Topp Dog did not have a comeback in the year of 2017, as it was a year of mixed feelings for Topp Dogg members. For a start, three members of Topp Dogg, P-Goon, Hansol, and Nakta, decided to follow Jenissi’s path and left Topp Dogg for two reasons, either enlisting in the army or terminating their exclusive contract with their home agency. Moreover, some Topp Dogg members also took a part in a survival television programs; such as A-Tom who joined Mnet Produce 101 Season 2 under his real name Kim Sang Gyun and finished the program in 26th place before being eliminated in the third elimination round; and Hojoon and B-Joo who joined the KBS idol rebooting program The Unit while Xero, Yano, and Sangdo were eliminated in the audition session. On 18 October 2017, A-Tom debuted with a seven-month project boy group named JBJ (the acronym of Just Be Joyful) under FAVE Entertainment, whose members consist of fellow contestants of Produce 101 Season 2. Hunus Entertainment stated that A-Tom will be inactive as the member of Topp Dogg, and his future activities with his original group will be discussed after JBJ’s disbandment.

Topp Dogg’s Comeback in 2018

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Currently, there is no talk regarding a Topp Dogg comeback in 2018 as A-Tom is still busily involved as the member of JBJ up until 18 April 2018, and may be busy for a longer time if JBJ gets the extension for their contract with FAVE Entertainment. Even though he is inactive as a member of Topp Dogg, A-Tom’s activity as a JBJ member is still supported by the rest of Topp Dogg’s members, proven by the time they did the live broadcast on V App on 28 January 2018, and Topp Dogg members openly said that they are proud of A-Tom and congratulated him for JBJ’s first win on KBS’s Music Bank for their latest promotional track My Flower. Moreover, Topp Dogg members such as Sangdo, Xero, Yano, and Hojoon also were seen to be a part of the audience for JBJ’s first concert, which was held on 3 February 2018. Aww, what supportive teammates!

On 21 February 2018, Hunus Entertainment, the home agency of Topp Dogg, announced a name change from Topp Dogg to XENO-T. They are determined to go back their original roots in order to show people their improved image, and to repay people for all their time and love. In detail, XENO-T is a compound word made out of ‘Xenogeneic’ (different kind) and ‘Top Class’, consisting of five members: Sangdo, Hojoon, Xero, B-Joo, and Yano. Moreover, Hunus Entertainment also stated that B-Joo has changed his stage name to B-Jyu and Yano has changed his stage name to Sangwon. As for the absence of A-Tom’s name in the announcement, many fans assumed that he will be added later when JBJ has separated. Well, good luck to Topp Dogg who have changed their name to XENO-T!