Top South Korean Actress Kim Ha-neul’s Best Appearances In Movies and Dramas
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Get To Know About Kim Ha-neul Movies And Drama

The K-pop industry has a lot of beautiful model and actress. One of the beautiful model and actress is Kim Ha-neul. She is korean actress who was born February 21st 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. She first started her career as model for the clothing company STORM and then caught the eyes of many by appearing in the music video for “To Heaven” by Jo Seong-mo. And not just modeling but also acting, her acting career began in earnest with her 1998 performance, opposite Ji Tae-yu, in the troubled youth film “Bye June”. After that drama she never stop acting. Lot of drama, movie and TV series she has played. Do you want to know all about the movies she played?  Channel-Korea will give you all the information about her drama, check it out

Drama List
kim ha neul

Since she begin her career as an actress, she had played so many drama and movies, from romantic comedy, funny drama and mystery genre. Here all the list of her drama and movies.


Year Title Role
1998 By June Yoo Chae-young
1999 Doctor K Oh Sae-yeon
2000 Ditto Yoon So-eun
2003 My Tutor Friend Choi Su-wan
2004 Ice Rain Kim Kyung-min
Too Beautiful To Lie Joo Young-ju
Dead Friend Min Ji-won
2006 Almost Love Jin Dal-rae
2008 Lovers of Six Years Lee Da-jin
2009 My Girlfriend Is an Agent Ahn Soo-ji
2011 Blind Min Soo-ah
You’re My Pet Ji Eun-yi
2016 Don’t Forget Me Jin-young
Making Family Go Mi-yeon
2017 Misbehavior Hyo-joo
Savage Dog Steiner’s Wife
Along With The Gods : The Two World God of Betrayal Hell

Television series

Year Title Role Network
1999 Happy Together Jin Soo-ha SBS
Into the Sunlight Kang Soo-bin MBC
2000 Secret Lee Hee-jung MBC
2001 Piano Lee Soo-ah SBS
2002 Romance Kim Chae-won MBC
2004 Stained Glass Shin Ji-soo SBS
2006 90 Days of Love Go Mi-yeon MBC
2008 On Air Oh Seung-ah SBA
2009 Paradise (telecinema) Mi-kyung SBS/ TV Asahi
2010 Road No.1 Kim Soo-yeon MBC
2012 A Gentleman Dignity Seo Yi-soo SBS
2016 On The Way to The Airport Choi Soo-ah KBS2
2019 The Wind Blows Soo-jin JTBC


and now we will tell you some of her drama and movies.

My Tutor Friend
my tuto friend

Released on February 7, 2003, the film topped the box office for five consecutive weeks and sold 4,809,871 tickets, making it the third best selling Korean film of 2003. The movie was about a young man named Kim Ji-hoon who is still in high school even he was old enough for high school student but he still in school because he was very delinquent and his hobby was fighting with friends in his school. Her acting in this movie was very charming, she got a lot of praise. The movie was fun because the story is easy to understand and will make you happy after watch it.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

kim ha neul

A movie was directed by Shin Woo-chul and Kwon Hyeok-chan was romantic televisition series in 2012. A Gentleman’s Dignity is about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It tells the story of four men in their forties who have been friends since they were eighteen, as they go through love, breakup, success and failure. Kim Ha-neul really played the role, as a teacher in this movie, she looked very smart and intelligent.


kim hanuel

Piano was lunched in 2001, it is South Korea television series. Starring Cho Jae Hun, Go Soo, Kim Ha-neul and Jo In-sung. It aired on SBS from November 21, 2001 to January 10, 2002 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.A melodrama about a father’s love for his children and a forbidden romance between step siblings, Piano received high ratings during its airing, as well as acting recognition at the year-end network awards ceremony. Kim Ha-neul played as a widow’s daughter. She really appreciate her role, so for everyone who watch this drama will feel what she feels.

Almost Love

almost love

A movie who was lunched in 2006, is Korea film. It was directed by Lee Han, Distributed by Showbox, it was released on March 23, 2006, and ran at 116 minutes. Almost love was being box office and got US$9.1 million. The movie was about a man named Ji-hwan is a taekwondo student with a part-time job as a stunt man, who dreams of becoming Korea’s answer to Jackie Chan.

Don’t Forget Me

don't forget me

Don’t Forget Me also known as Remember You, is a 2016 South Korean independent movie written and directed by Yoon-jung Lee, in her. It stars Jung Wo-sung and Kim Ha-neul (Jung is also a producer). The film was released in South Korea on January 7, 2016. The story is about a man reports a missing person to the police office. He has lost his memory. He can only remember from the moment he found himself left alone in an apartment. He tries to find any clue as to who he might be, until one day he meets a woman at a psychiatric hospital, whom immediately begins to cry upon seeing him. Not just acting, Kim Ha-neul tried something new, yes she was being a producer. She told the media she was so exciting for this movie.



Blind is a 2011 South Korean crime thriller film directed by Ahn Sang-hoon with screenplay by Choi Min-seok which won the “Hit By Pitch” project fair held by the Korean Movie Producers Guild in 2009. The movie received Best Actress honors at the 48th Grand Bell Award and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Award for her performance. Her perfomance in this movie is very different from other movie she has played. In this movie she played as smart, and good police women.

Kim Ha-neul’s Latest News

Until now, there is no news about what she will do next, so we should be patience, but sure soon she will get new project so we can watch her movies/drama. But fir now she still enjoy her beautiful and simple life.

She enjoy every little thing in her life as a wife and mother in real life.

With her family and friends, she said that in real life she got a lot of friend not just a friend in her celebrity life but also her true friend since the beginning.

That’s all guys you need to know of some her movies, want to know more about your favorite K-pop celebrity? keep reading Channel-korea, and don’t forget to give and leave your comment below. Thank you