Top 6 Kim Kyung-ho Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

Dear Father

kim kyung ho

Last but not least, there’s Dear Father, which would also make a great addition to your playlist! The song came from Kim Kyung-ho’s eighth studio album, Kim Kyung Ho 7: Open Your Eyes (김경희 음반). It was officially released on August 11, 2003.

For the genre, Dear Father sits firmly as a metal-hard rock song! It’s about the love of a son towards his father. If you take a look at the English translation, the song told a story about a son who was telling his father that he would become a singer one day.

Even though his father said that becoming a singer was kinda difficult, the son was assuring himself and his father that he would reach his dream. It might sound like Kim Kyung-ho and his father, right? Not only that, the song also expressed the son’s feelings about his father. He wanted to go back in time, so he could return to the place where his father was waiting for him.

Watch Kim Kyung-ho’s performance for Dear Father here:

That’s enough for today’s article about Kim Kyung-ho’s songs for your new playlist! Even though all of them are old songs, good music is timeless, right? Moreover, these songs are masterpieces from the famous rocker Kim Kyung-ho! Let’s always support him and look forward to another project from him!

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