Top 20 Songs From B2ST You Must Have On Playlist

Gotta Go To Work

This song from B2ST was included as one of the tracks in the same album as YeY, but released earlier, on July 20, 2015. Gotta Go To Work is another dance song, with a unique and different concept in the official music videos, as we can see Yoon Doo-joon playing the role as a worker in office but, in the same time, he had to make quality time with his girlfriend that was patiently waiting for him.

It was a cute music video, as the songhas a melody like a love song andsweet lyrics such as “I always want to treat you delicious food and give you good things. Please know my heart.” and  “If you miss me that much, wait in front of the streetlight. Dress warmly and wait for me.” Through this song, we could see a soft side from every member of B2ST as they sing Gotta Go To Work.


Beside promoting with Korean songs, B2ST is also very popular in Japan and is known for releasing Japanese versions of their songs, like Adrenaline, that was released on May 28, 2015, in 3 versions; a First Press Limited Edition, a Limited Edition and a Regular Edition.

The lyrics from Adrenaline were written by Yong Jun-hyung, Higuchi Tomomi, Tamai Kenji and Momota Rui along with Tsuri Shunsuke, who arranged the song.The single was focused  in Japan and it was reported to have sold 33.598 copies.


Around 2013, B2ST became the new face of the Chinese 3D game, Touch. Just like the game, the theme song from B2ST was also titled Touch, that represented the game concept, and the music video showed the members at a party in a club. Just like the theme of the song, B2ST became the influence for anyone to play the game, as well.

On Rainy Days

Just like the previous song, Fiction, B2ST also has another great song that was included in “Fiction and Fact”, that was releasedon May 12, 2011, as a digital single. The song became the ninth-biggest selling digital single in South Korea at that time. Yong Jun-hyung, a member wrote the rap lyrics along with Choi Gyu-seong.

On Rainy Days is basically a song that was made to evoke the feelings of sorrow during the rainy day. When they were recording this song, all the members of the group were very emotional and even cried while singing this song. The recording session didn’t go smoothly and they had to stop multiple times because the members were trying to hold back their tears.

No More

Most B2UTY (fandom name of B2ST) know that the members of B2ST have amazing singing skills and stage presence. In this song, we could see their ability in singing ballads that are very touching and filled with many emotions. No More is a song that was included as one of the tracks from B2ST’s sixth mini-album, that was released on June 17, 2014.

No More also reached number one on various music charts, such as Melon, Naver, Daum, etc., putting it in the category of All Kill Single within 10 hours. Talking about the meaning of the song, No More is about someone who’s moving on and how they should forgot about a person that they used to love.

I Knew It

Just like Midnight and Beautiful Night, I Knew It is a song that was included as one of the tracks of “Midnight Sun”, which was released on January 26, 2012. During their world tour schedule, B2ST only released a 1:50 minute music video for I Knew It, and it starred Dong-woon as the main actor, and it was directed by Zany Bros.

From the music video, itself, we could see the maknae from B2ST, Dong-woon, was driving a car and seeming very gloomy. The lyrics for I Knew It are very meaningful, saying things like, “Why did you leave me? Did you get tired of me?”, which means that someone got betrayed in their relationship.

Although B2ST has now reformed with 5 members and has come back as the group named HIGHLIGHT, they are still one of the legendary K-pop groups who is still active. Let’s hope for all the best for their career, so we can see more music and more promotions in the future!