Top 20 Songs From B2ST You Must Have On Playlist

These Popular Songs From B2ST Can Hype Your Mood !

Many of you might know the idol group from CUBE Entertainment that became popular with the song Fiction, right? The boy-group, which includes Gi-kwang, Yo-seob, Doo-joon, Dong-woon, and Jun-hyung, is still active and was reborn with the name of HIGHLIGHT when they decided to leave their previous agency and Hyun-seung left the group to be a soloist.

Knowing that they were already famous with their songs from their B2ST era, here are the top 20 songs that you should add on your playlist!


B2ST released the song titled Shock on February 28, 2010, from their second EP, “Shock of the New Era”, which was released on March 1, 2010. The song has also been released in a Japanese version that was came out on July 19, 2010. It introduced a new genre, with EDM mixed with rock-electronic, dance-pop, and hip hop.

During this era, B2ST was ranked at number two on the Oricon daily and weekly charts with 28.532 copies sold in the first week after the song’s release, and reached number three on the South Korean Gaon Chart. The song was composed by Shin Sa-dong Tiger and Lee Sang-ho. The member from B2ST, Jun-hyung, also took part, by writing the rap in this song.


On September 30, 2010, B2ST released another song, titled Breath, that was included as one of the tracks from their third mini-album, “Mastermind”, along with four other songs. In this mini-album, B2ST made their comeback with a genre of K-Pop, dance-pop, and electropop. The album was meaningful because B2ST wanted to break their image of being a rookie and introduce people to their music.

The music video from Breath was released on September 28, 2010, and they made an official comeback stage on KBS’s Music Bank two days lafter the music video was released. The fun fact from their comeback with Breath was that their choreography was done by Prepix’s Haw and Mike Song. This song has also reached on the fourth rank on the Gaon chart.


On May 17, 2011, B2ST made another comeback with the lead track from their full-length studio album, titled “Fiction and Fact”. Their comeback song from this album was titled Fiction, and won many awards and gained more attention from public and their fans. The song was released with an orchestral version and also a Japanese version, which was included on B2ST’s Japanese album, “So Beast”.

While promoting with Fiction, B2ST started their first winning award on M! Countdown on June 2nd and 9th, 2011. They also won first place at the KBS’s Music Bank on June 3rd and 10th, 2011, and took another first place on SBS’s Inkigayo on June 5 and 12, 2011. During this era, B2ST’s promotions and career was at its peak, as they got more recognition with their music.

Black Paradise

Black Paradise is a song from B2ST that was one of a soundtracks from the drama series Iris II: New Generation, which was aired from February – April 2013. The drama starred Yoon Doo-joon, the leader of B2ST, who played the character of Seo Hyun-woo in this series.

The song was a gesture of support from the B2ST members for Doo-joon’s appearance in Iris II: New Generation. B2ST’s Jun-hyun played an important role by making this son,g which became the third soundtrack that was released for this series. The rapper of B2ST, Jun-hyung worked with Yoon Doo-joon and South Korean composer, Kim Tae-joon to produce the song.


This song, which was released on November 9, 2010, was added as one of the track list from their fourth mini-album, titled Lights Go On Againfor part two of their previous album, “Mastermind”. In this album, there are four other songs that were on the tracklist, with Beautiful as the title track.

Beside the song that become one of their greatest hits, the album, itself, ranked at number five on the music charts. Beautiful hit the number-one spot on Mnet and the album was ranked between number two and number five. The teaser from Beautiful was revealed with a concept of an audio teaser that was aired on KBS’ COOL FM ‘Narsha’s Raise The Volume’ and it received a lot of anticipation from their fans.

Bad Girl

For you who don’t already know about B2ST’s debut song, it was Bad Girl, and was released as one of the tracks from their first mini-album, titled “Beast is the B2ST”, that was released on October 14, 2009. Although they were still rookies during this era, B2ST has claimed their own taste in music and introduced their hip-hop style mixed with K-Pop, as well.

Bad Girl was also released in a Japanese version, in 2011, and the single become a big success for them in Japan as the song peaked at number one on the mobile site Rechocoku-Chaku Uta’s daily ringtone chart and number two on Oricon’s Daily Chaty, with 21.449 copies sold on the first day. The music video for Bad Girl in both the Korean and Japanese versions had a different concept, but there’s no dance break like the Korean version, in the Japanese video.