Top 15 Urban Zakapa Songs That You Should Have On Your Playlist

You’re The Reason

You’re The Reason released on November 27, 2018. This is a perfect song for you to fall in love to. The lyric is romantic and the music video will make you wish you have someone so you can fall into their arms. The music video stars Cha Eun-woo and Park Kyu-young, this talented actor and actress are playing out an office romance.

Check out this snippet of the lyric!

I walked through a starry night
The more we breathed, the happier we were
I looked at each other beautifully and talked a lot
This night is special because of you

And Cha Eun-woo also has a kissing scene in this music video, so go take a look!


Wish released on January 8, 2017. If you’re a fan of Korean drama, you will have heard this song before, in popular drama Goblin. This song features as part of Goblin‘s original soundtracks. The lyric is fitting with the characters on the drama when Ji Eun-tak is missing Kim Shin. If you’re missing your beloved, as well, this song is perfect for you!

Check out these snippets of the lyric:

I miss you, I miss you again
Even when I close my wet eyes
I keep thinking about you
Do you feel the same way?

And this:

Even my wish
Of not wanting to love you anymore
Is a useless wish
But I keep wishing it anyway

Also this:

I really want you
But I can’t wish for you anymore
In front of these countless emotions
What must I do?

The lyric is so heavy and sad, you can really feel the pain the character going through by listening to this song.

[+151] Urban Zakapa never fails to make you feel the feels!

[+6] this group has some wonderful voices, really learning to like all their songs

[+3] i love the melody and lyrics❤❤❤

As I Wished

In 2018, Urban Zakapa released the song As I Wished, which is the second title track from their album 05, after the song You’re The Reason. The music video for the song again stars ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, but now the focus of the story is more from the side of Kim Jae-young, whose love is rejected.

Check out the snippet of the lyric!

Nothing is happening as I wished,
even now it’s already hard enough,
not a single thing is happening as I wished,
the image of the future I envisioned…

The song is quite depressing, but that’s just Urban Zakapa making us feel things!

2 1 2

Get prepared for another sweet and relaxing Urban Zakapa track that will be like candy to your ears. The calming vocals of the trio can be heard shortly off their EP, in their title track, 212. It sounds like the perfect song to listen to during the summer, while studying in a cute café, or going with your significant other on a picnic date. 212 is a perfect song from Urban Zakapa for those who are in love!

Check out the romantic lyric:

Not three but two, this is the picture I painted every day
We became a pair that looks at the same place

And this:

I like wrapping your arms around me, I like you calling me
I like the sunset evenings that call the night, I like it so much
Because we’re not one but two

The music video stars Lee Sung-kyung and model Shon Min-ho. Their chemistry in the video is mesmerizing and left many people spazzing over it.

[+3.7k] [WARNING] when you’re single af and you watch this mv, you’ll find yourself crying out of envy.

[+1.2k] Okay, Urban Zakapa never disappoints. This video is SO ADORABLE AND SWEET GAHHHHHHH IT SHOULD BE A FULL DRAMA!!!

[+869] This makes me want to fall in love so hard ;-;


Crush was released on This track as a solo song by Kwon Soon-Il, one of Urban Zakapa’s heavenly voices, and many people have commented they wished to marry him. Ha, he’s quite a catch!

Check out the lyric:

Love, how can I do, how can I give you up no~

You’re the only one for me forever and ever

Love, now I’m gonna tell you how I feel inside

Wanna know what people’s opinion about this song?

[+3] this songs is so chilling 🙂

[+1] This song is so addictive.

[+1] I like it especially listen to it while driving

No Love

No Love released on October 30, 2012, and was part of the album [02]. This song is about a breakup and wanting the one you love to fight for you.

You can tell from the lyric:

I cannot open my heart now,
I am not going to fall for this stupid love again
I cannot talk to you anymore
Yes, I’m not in love
with you anymore

And this:

Tell me not to leave
Don’t tell me you are sorry
Tell me not to love another
Tell me what I didn’t do
and why I cannot let go of everything right now

The two verses contradict each other, but it’s just a clever way to tell the listener that she is still in love with her lover, and wishes for them to not just let her go.

Seoul Night

Seoul Night released on June 13, 2019. The R&B and soul song features rapper Beenzino, who just come back from serving in the military.

Check out the soulful lyric!

Would u walk with me
Would u walk the night
Would u spend the night
In the city of dust

People are loving it, too!

[+31] This song has been on my summer playlist and I absolutely love it! <333

[+27] Urban Zakapa x Beenzino is a good match.

[+11] Beautiful voices and beenzino😘

There’s Us

There’s Us released on May 17, 2011, and was part of Urban Zakapa’s debut album, [01]. This song is about still being in love with your ex-lover. You can tell from the painful lyric:

So why don’t you let it go?
If I can tell you my feeling
I still need you, I want you to stay by my side
We should be together
That yearning feeling
You may see in future
I don’t like to, there’s no other love but you

Urban Zakapa really loves to break our hearts, don’t they? But we still love their song, either way!

[+1] Love this song so much 😉

[+1] If you have passion in music even though you don’t understand the language, but you could feel the music through your heart ♥

[+1] Hooked. <3

That was all the information we could gather about the top 15 Urban Zakapa songs for you! Which one do you like the most? Keep supporting and cheering Urban Zakapa for their future projects as well! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!