Top 15 Underrated BTS Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist!



Let’s Meet Worldwide Stars – BTS

Who doesn’t know about this boy-group with seven awesome and talented members? Let’s start with the leader, RM, or Kim Nam-joon (김남준). He is known to be a genius, with an IQ of 148. He even appeared ion tvN’s “Problematic Men”. Jin, or Kim Seok-jin (김석진), is the oldest in the group but he’s been called the fake maknae because people often have mistaken him as the youngest. Suga, or Min Yoon-gi (민윤기), also uses the name Agust D in his solo career. J-hope, or Jung Ho-seok (정호석), is the main dancer of the group and often takes a part in choreographing the dances. Ji Min, or Park Ji-min (박지민), is the sweetest man ever, often showing his affection towards other members in “RUN BTS!”. V, or Kim Tae-hyung (김태형), is sometimes known as BTS;s “secret weapon“. Jung Kook, or Jeon Jung-kook (전정국), is one of the members that often uploads cover songs on Twitter or Soundcloud.

BTS started to become globally famous when they won an award at the Billboard Music Award as Top Social Artist in 2017, but their first grand prize or daesang award was in 2016 at MAMA. After that, they’ve kept winning daesang awards every year. Despite their awards, however, every year there are still a few songs that not very many people know or are underrated even though they’re really great songs. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Rain

Rain is a song from their first full-length album in 2014, Dark & Wild. They keep sticking with a dark concept in this comeback. The title song of this album is “Danger”. Rain is a sidetrack but you shouldn’t underestimate this song. The song begins with sounds of rain. Personally, we think this song is calming because of the jazziness and their soft voices. You even can hear J-hope sing here. A twist, Rain has quite a dark meaning. It talks about how they perceive themselves. They see themselves as a not so beautiful person, looking at their reflection in a puddle. The song definitely talks about how rain make them feel blue because they see everything in shades of gray while it’s raining in Seoul. This is the perfect song to listen to when it’s raining and you feel sad, but remember, don’t drown in your tears.

Let’s listen to this song!

Now the live version to make you feel more emotional!

2. Let Me Know

Let Me Know is another underrated song from the Dark & Wild album. Did you know that this song was a pre-released track before their official comeback? This song was released when “it was a supermoon day and rain a little which make this song perfectly match with the weather” according to Suga.  This is a different kind of song from previous tracks. Suga is the one who produced it, even directing BTS’s vocals in the recording. He wanted to showed that BTS could do different kind of music.

The concept of this album is they have become tougher. They’re singing that their love is not to be treated lightly, which we can see from the meaning behind Let Me Know. This is a breakup song, but it seems that he still wants to deny this breakup. He wants an explanation from the girl and wants to try to resolve the problem but it’s just his imagination, which means they can’t be together again. From the lyrics we can say that this is a one-sided breakup without agreement from the boy. The lyrics hit you hard. This is definitely a song that you should hear when you really want a good cry. Their vocals make you feel soothed, and V’s deep vocal and Ji Min’s high notes will make you add this song as one of your favorites immediately.

Of course, you should listen to live version with live music!

3. House Of Cards


House of Cards is the outro of their 4th mini album (2015): The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 (화양연화 pt.2). The long version is included in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever album B. Only the vocal line sings this song, Ji Min, V, Jin, and Jung Kook. This song has a mysterious sound blended with a theatrical atmosphere from the instrumentals and the melodious voices. But once you read the lyrics, you know this song has deep meaning behind it. Our favorite part of this song is Jung Kook’s vocals, which are very sophisticated. The song is about the hard work that you should put in building a relationship, but it can still collapse as easily as when you build house of cards. This is a breakup song that really hurts, he knows that the relationship is not going to work but he still wants to endure the pain because he is okay with the pain as long he stays with her.

Listen to this song below!

Live version

4. Spine Breaker

Unlike the previous song, Spine Breaker is an upbeat song from their 2nd mini album: Skool Luv Affair. They directed and produced this number by themselves, and made a music video of this song. the only thing that disappointed us about this song is that Jin and Ji Min only have a few lines, but other than that it’s a great sarcasm song.

Spine breaker (등골브레이커) means someone who will “break their parents’ backs” in order to keep up with expensive trends. This song criticized today’s generation for begging their parents to buy them trendy and expensive things so they can look cool in school and not be left as an outcast, but they don’t care if their parents have to work really really hard to afford that.  This song tells kid not to be a spoiled brats to their parent just because of unnecessary, expensive stuff.

Spine Breaker audio!

Check out their self-made music video!

5. Ma City

Ma City is a track from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 (화양연화 pt.2) and 1st special album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever album A. It’s an upbeat song that will recharged your batteries quickly. Ji Min’s “Ma City ro wa” and V’s “Say la la la la la” are like drugs, so addictive. You know from the title that this a song about their hometown, how much they really love and are proud of the city they come from. Even if you gave them all the money in the world they wouldn’t move from their hometown until they die, then they’d want to be buried there, as well. This is a song that tells every special thing that are in each of the member’s hometown. Sadly, Jin doesn’t have many lines in this song so there aren’t any lines talking about his hometown, but you still have to check out the song below!

Live version!