Top 15 Leessang Songs That You Have To Listen To

#6 I Turned Off the TV

Leessang released their seventh album on August 25, 2011, with called Asura Balbata. With the title track I Turned Off the TV, Leessang reached the top position of Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 with every song from this album, as well.

Sadly, the song was banned from all national TV networks and radio stations because of explicit sexual content either from the lyrics or the music video. However, Leessang earned around US $500.000 from the album within the first month it was released. From there, Gary later said that they became more comfortable talking about different sensitive issues.

Here’s the official music video for I Turned Off the TV:

A fun live performances by Leessang for I Turn Off the TV:

#7 Clown

This song was released back in 2011 and featured BMK. It’s about a man who has a job as a clown, trying to make other people laugh and happy, But nobody knows he actually feels sad and lonely at the same time.

Here’s the music video with English subtitles for you:

Their live performance for Clown:

#8 Leessang Blues

On May 22, 2003, Leessang released their second album, called ‘재,계발’, with the title song ‘Leessang Blues’, which was written and composed by Gary himself, it also features the female singer, Jung In.

Here’s their music video for Leessang Blues:

Live performance for Leessang Blues:

#9 Someday

Leessang performed a one-night-only show with one of the members from YB band back in December, 2012. They collaborated for three songs and one of them was Someday. This song is about a person that’s hoping someday her/his lover will be happy after the breakup they had before.

Here’s the unplugged music video for Someday:

A live performance of Someday:

#10 My Body Erased You

In 2009, the duo released a song called My Body Erased You. Featuring Enzo.B, this song is about lovers who are going through a breakup. Step by step they turned into strangers, but one time they meet again and one of them feels unsure about his/her feelings.

Here is the lyrics music video for you. Beware, the lyrics are kind of explicit:

#11 Carousel

Released in 2009, from their album ‘Hexagonal’, Carousel was composed and written by both Gary and Gil, featuring singer Lee Juck on the song. Carousel is about lovers that are tired of all the misunderstanding and fights in their past. They break up and he/she has a lot of memories with the couple. At the end she/he ended up crushing those memories and beginning to move on from the past.

Here is the Music Video for you: