Top 10 SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong Songs That Should Be Added To Your Playlist

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Let’s See South Korea’s Handsome Singer-Actor with Many Talents: Kim Hyun-joong

Lovers of Korean dramas are, of course, already familiar with the name Kim Hyun-joong. This member of the boy group SS501 is already well-known among drama lovers. Kim Hyun-joong was born on June 6, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea.

Kim Hyun-joong began his career in 2005 as the leader of the boy group SS501. He was known for his role as Yoon Ji-ho in the drama Boys Over Flowers in 2009, and his popularity skyrocketed after he starred in the drama Playful Kiss, playing the role of Baek Seung-jo.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about Kim Hyun-joong‘s top 10 songs that you should add to your playlist. His sweet and gentle voice will make you melt when you hear it, so stay tuned!

Break Down


Break Down was released on June 6, 2011. This song was from Kim Hyun-joong’s debut solo Korean mini-album with the same title, “BREAKDOWN”. When releasing the single, Kim Hyun-joong gave off a ‘bad boy’ image that was a departure from how he’s usually seen. In this album, this Boys Over Flowers’ star comes with an adult feeling and has a darker aura than is typical of his work. In this song, he collaborated with the renowned rapper Double K, who gave a different color to the rhythmic song. Break Down is a powerful, dynamic, and synthesized song with an urban style.

Let’s listen to the song here!

Kiss Kiss

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The song Kiss Kiss was released in conjunction with the song ‘Break Down’ in July 2011, and is another track from the album “BREAKDOWN.” After undergoing a series of promotions for the single Break Down, Kim Hyun-joong chose a song called Kiss Kiss for the next single.

With this song, Kim Hyun-joong shifted his ‘dark’ image to something more cheerful to match this easy-going song. The concept of this song is far from the dark image that he displayed in Break Down, because this song presents a brighter and simpler concept according to the song itself, which is much softer and easily digested by the listener’s ears.

Let’s listen to Kiss Kiss here!



The song Please was released in May 2011. Please is heavily influenced by R&B, with a strong beat and beautiful piano melody. The song is another of the singles from the album BREAKDOWN, which he released in June 2011. This song tells the story of a guy who can’t forget his former girlfriend. He still expects her, even though he knows that she already has another boyfriend.

Let’s listen to the song Please here!

Lucky Guy

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The song Lucky Guy was released on October 11, 2011. This song is from Kim Hyun-joong’s second mini-album, titled “Lucky.” When releasing the single Break Down, Kim Hyun-joong turned himself into a bad boy. That image was dramatically overhauled with his second mini-album. In “Lucky,” he turned into a sweet and fashionable man, just like his image as a member of SS501.

Kim Hyun-joong was fully involved in the production process for “Lucky,” including the determination of the concept of the new image. Rock elements are quite thick in the album’s flagship song, Lucky Guy. It’s a song that carries a blend of electric guitar and bass that is similar to American-style funk rock.

Let’s listen to Lucky Guy here!

Marry Me


The song Marry Me was released in December 2011 as a digital single. This song plays up Kim Hyun-joong’s sweet voice, accompanied by ballad music that adds to the romantic impression of the song. Following the success of the mini album in early 2011, Kim Hyun-joong put his personal touch on the lyrics of Marry Me to express his eternal love to fans.

Kim Hyun-joong was personally involved in making the music video for this song because he wanted to thank all the fans for their support. Thanks to the fans, Kim Hyun-joong’s solo debut was extremely successful.

Listen to the song Marry Me here!

The Reason I Live (나 살아있는 건)


To celebrate his birthday with his fans, singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong released a special single called The Reason I Live on June 6, 2013. He released this single as a special event for his fans in Korea to celebrate the year. The song is a ballad with a sweet melody, accompanied by Kim Hyun-joong’s gentle voice.

Let’s listen to The Reason I Live here!



The song Unbreakable was released in July 2013 as a sign of Kim Hyun-joong’s comeback in the music world. The song is from the album titled “Round 3,” and is a duet with Kim Hyun-joong and Jay Park. Unbreakable songs are songs with strong rhythms and that have a touch of traditional Korean music. Through the song titled Unbreakable, Kim Hyun-joong changed his image again.

the singer who usually presents an image of being a Prince Charming is now transforming himself into a bad boy again. With his hip-hop style, Kim Hyun-joong appeared very charming, performing Hollywood-style video clips. The song is a fusion of hip hop and orchestral music. The total manufacturing of Unbreakable is also very fantastic. The reason is that this video clip really displays like a Hollywood Blockbuster movie, with elements of white, black, and red, and is coupled with luxurious and very attractive visual properties.

Let’s listen to Unbreakable here!

Your Story (Kor. Version)

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The song Your Story was released in July 2013 along with the song Unbreakable. This song was included in the track list of the album “ROUND 3.” Your Story is an R&B-Pop song, the genre which is the mainstay of this album. Your Story is the same song as one of the songs on the Japanese album Kim Hyun-joong released earlier, Unlimited, but he changed the nuances of the music. In Your Story, Kim Hyun-joong collaborated with the renowned rapper Dok2.

Let’s listen to the song here!

Beauty Beauty


The song Beauty Beauty was released on July 11, 2014, and comes from Kim Hyun-joong‘s fourth mini-album, titled “Timing.” Beauty Beauty is a song with a dance up-tempo, or a fast-tempo dance song, that is easy listening.

Let’s listen to Beauty Beauty song here!

This Is Love

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This Is Love is a Japanese single album by singer Kim Hyun-joong, which was released on September 11, 2019, and signifies that he is starting to become active again as a singer in Japan. This song was released when Kim Hyun-joong went on a world tour titled “BIO-RHYTHM.” It was written and produced by Kim Hyun-joong himself.

Let’s listen to This Is Love here!

That was all for the information about Kim Hyun-joong‘s top 10 songs that you should add to your playlist. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!