Top 10 Songs From Parc Jae-jung You Should Listen!

Lemonade Love (feat NCT’s Mark)

“Lemonade Love” is part of a weekly album project by SM Station. Parc Jae-jung collaborated with Mark of NCT to produce a medium tempo R&B love song. This single is the first collaboration between Parc Jae-jung’s label, Mystic Entertainment and Mark’s label, SM Entertainment. Parc Jae-sung supplies his warm and mellow voice, while Mark supplies easy flowing rap. “Lemonade Love” was released during the heat of the summer season on July 21st, 2017. On a bright afternoon, Mark of NCT and Parc Jae-jung go to the park after finishing school. They meet a beautiful girl that works at a lemonade stand. Mark immediately has a crush on her and tries to approach her. At the end of the song, Mark is brokenhearted because the girl chooses another man. Henry of Super Junior and Yoon Jong-shin make a cameo appearance in the “Lemonade Love” MV.

Two Men (feat Super Junior’s Kyu-hyun)

“Two Men” features two singers who have mellow voices, Parc Jae-jung and Super Junior member, Kyuhyun. This ballad track is a collaboration project between songwriter Yoon Jong-shin and composer Jo Gyu-chan. The result is a masterpiece ballad track that peaked at the No. 66 position on the Gaon Music Chart. “Two Man” is one of Parc Jae-jung’s hit songs. It was released as a non-album single on May 19th, 2016, and sold 59.916 copies in Korea. “Two Men” was based on orchestra strings and grand piano melodies. The combination of Parc Jae-jung and Kyuhyun‘s voice produces an easy listening ballad song about a sad break-up. However, Kyuhyun’s fans were disappointed because he doesn’t appear in the music video.

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