Top 10 Songs of FT. Island You Should Have On Your Playlist

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On August 6th, 2019, there was news spreading out that FT. ISLAND’s drummer, Minhwan, expected his second child with his wife, Yulhee! The good news about this little family has been confirmed through FT. ISLAND’s Minhwan’s Instagram as he posted a picture of clouds during bright weather.

“Hello, this is Minhwan. First, I want to announce a piece of news for you. Our Jjang-ie [Minhwan & Yulhee first child] has a younger sibling now! Another big blessing came to us like this and it was so emotional by hearing this~ I hope you will bless my child to be born healthy! Thank you for always cheering!!” – @minhwan12

Congratulations to FT. ISLAND’s Minhwan and Yulhee!

On July 2nd, 2019, FT. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki appeared as a guest on the talk show Problem Child in House that was aired on KBS 2TV. The vocalist of FT. ISLAND shared his experienced while writing a song about breakup that he wrote for one of FT. ISLAND’s top songs titled “Fade Out” that was released in 2018.

“I broke up with my girlfriend after an argument that we had and I wrote about our breakup story in the lyrics of our new song. There’s a verse in the song that says, “Don’t tell anyone you loved me,” but we finally met each other and patched things up.” – FT. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki

The MC and guests talked about how the international singer, Adele, wrote about a breakup story of her own in a song and Lee Hongki explained on how he also experienced the same thing, “The song is titled “Fade Out.” If I and my ex-girlfriend had a bad breakup, I won’t give her the royalty fees although we’ve talked about our breakup in an official way, I thought it would be weird if I ask about the royalty fees?”

“Thank you. I won’t forget. I’m doing my best. Everyone too @ssinz7” – @skullhong12

On June 30th, 2019, actress Park Shin-hye went to FT. ISLAND’s concert in Seoul to support her longtime friend. FT. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin, and Park Shin-hye took a selca together at the backstage and the fans commented that the friendship between them is very cute. FT. ISLAND members and actress Park Shin-hye have been friends since they met in the drama You’re Beautiful, that was aired in 2009.

That was all the information about FT. ISLAND and their top songs that you should listen to! FT. ISLAND is considered as one of the most popular rock bands that have existed in South Korea as the members are also talented in making music. Well, let us hope for all the best to FT. ISLAND and also the members’ solo activities so we can see their comeback together as a whole group again in the future!