Here Are The Top 10 Rain Songs That You Shouldn’t Miss!


Meet One Of The Senior Singers In the K-Pop Industry, Rain

Rain, who has a real name Jung Ji-hoon, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, and music producer. He is one of the seniors in the K-Pop industry and he is a talented Korean artist known throughout the world. He debuted as a solo singer in 2002 and has produced many songs since.

In this article, we will provide you with a recommendation of the top 10 of his songs that you should not miss listening to. Stay tuned!

Love Story


On October 16th, 2008, Rain released his fifth Korean album, Rainism, which spawned the number one hit single “Love Story.”

According to J.Tune, Rain figured out his personal love story through the lyrics, and described his own story and even participated in the scenario working.

The music video of “Love Story” depicts the love story between him and Ha Ji-won, where the story unfolds the heartbreak of a bad guy in a relationship, and he shows the typical “Homme Fatal” in it.

“Those eyes that used to meet me
Look at me once again
Will those eyes of yours say that you still love me?”

It’s Raining


It’s Raining is Rain’s third studio album. The song of the same title was first released in September 2004 (a month before the album, It’s Raining), and was greeted with a positive response.

This single went straight to number the one position in South Korea. His single and album launched Rain as an international artist throughout Asia in 2005.

“Go let my body talk to the music
You know what the people are waiting for,
you know what they want.
Now show them all.”

In the music video for “It’s Raining,” Rain is delivered to a night club for a live performance by his entourage, bringing some life to the previously dull atmosphere. Towards the end of the song, rain starts to pour from the ceiling.

Parts of the video appear to have been shot in front of fans. In the music video, instead of the woman saying, “Rain, Go Rain!, It’s Raining, It’s Raining,” you would hear Rain saying the side verse.

I’m Coming


This is the first single from the album Rain’s World. The single was released in early October 2006 on a Korean radio and was an instant hit. The single also features Korean rapper Tablo of Epik High.

“The voice that can be heard every time I feel like fainting
Now is not the time to rest, don’t forget the hard times
The sound that awakens my weary body
It’s what you wanted; don’t forget the promise you made.”

In the music video, Rain is in a room with a light representing the sun rising. Then he is shown coming down a helicopter with wings and looking around. The atmosphere suggests a war has just happened so he has a very pained face.

The scene changes and he is walking to a clearing in the wreckage without wings and soldiers are coming out of the rubble. The rest is a dance interlude.

I Do



After the huge success of the single “It’s Raining,” Rain released a much calmer up-tempo ballad titled, “I Do.” The lyrics talk about how he pledges to be the very best for his lover. And this single was the Korean singer’s second big hit in Asia.

“I do, I do! These words say I’ll be with you forever, I do
Whenever I’m with you, carefully in my heart
I do I do wanna spend my life with you
I dream “I do” swear these precious words to you
I’m with you and you are beside me.”



RAINISM was released on October 16th, 2008. The title is made by adding the suffix “-ism” which is the ideology added to his English name for activity “Rain.”

It is a more advanced coined word that jumps one grade from its own characteristics and is expressed as an even thought.

J.Tune’s official statement said that Rain directly fixed the title of Rainism, he decided himself the even title with great effort due to the first album after changing livery. “Rainism” stands for “Rain doctrine,”  and it can be considered as the various meanings of “Rain.”

Rainism contains his self-conceit in solution.

His social spreading power and position have been taken forward enough for himself to be defined as an ideology. In addition, that may mean he put his true character into the new album.

“Feel your sight
How do you feel make some noise
Even if you avoid it still can feel my rainism
I make it rainism the rainism
Now you completely fell in..”

Bad Guy


Bad Guy is the debut studio album by Rain that was released on May 12th, 2002. And this led to him winning many Best New Artist awards.

“From the start I didn’t think about that
You didn’t know how much I really like you
Then that’s how it was the few times we met
It’s the truth..”

In My Bed


“In My Bed” was released in 2006 and is part of the 4th studio album titled Rain’s World.

“Call him by the same nickname you called me.
Hold his hand at the places I took you to.
Like a person at a march for the first time, pretend to wait in anticipation.
Those were all precious memories you made with me, they’ll all be gone if you do them with him too.
Why are you erasing our memories?
Why, why?”

LA Song


On January 2nd, 2014, Rain released his new album, Rain Effect, presenting 10 different tracks that portray Rain’s diverse styles. “La Song” is the second track of the album that offers a different feel through its fantasy-like vibe.

“I have a lot of land that I can lay down in,

I pretend to have even if I don’t like the others,

I’m different from the cheesy people who only buy

foreign cars, change, follow me”

30 Sexy


Besides “La Song,” “30 Sexy” is also included as one of the tracks of the same album.

“Cause I’m 30 baby~ Come on Over here
Come to me before the night is gone
Cause I’m 30 sexy~ hey sexy lady
You and me only on this stage..”

The Best Present


On January 14th, 2017, Rain made his first comeback in almost three years. In his song titled “The Best Present,” he’s slowed things down a little with much more romantic lyrics. However, he still keeps things sultry by channeling his inner Michael Jackson and toning down the music video to just his dance moves.

“You are the best thing I have
a gift from the world
that’s you..”

Latest News


On September 4th, 2019, ‘Pepsi x Starship Project’ released a teaser video of Rain and Soyu’s collaboration.

The teaser video below reveals clips of Rain and Soyu as well as a short preview of their upcoming collaboration track “The Love of Autumn.” It sounds like the two singers are planning to start out the fall season with a sweet love song.

Rain x Soyu’s “The Love of Autumn” drops on September 16th, 2019, KST. Are you guys excited for this collaboration?