Top 10 Songs From SG Wannabe You Should Add To Your Playlist


Find Out More About The South Korean Ballad Trio SG Wannabe

SG Wannabe is a Korean ballad trio that debuted in 2004 with their first album, SG Wanna Be+. The album was produced by Lee Kyung-sub and Park Keun-tae, famous music producers in South Korea. The three original members of the group were Chae Dong-ha, Kim Yong-jun, and Kim Jin-ho.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about SG Wannabe’s top 10 songs, some of which you may want to add to your playlist, so stay tuned!

As I Live


The song As I Live (살다가) was released on March 23, 2005. This song is from SG Wannabe’s second album. It was selected as a double title with Sin and Punishment, and the group reached their heyday by having an all-time hit in the song rankings. So far, it was one of the representative songs of SG Wannabe.

In 2005, it recorded the highest sales volume, and it was also the album with the largest sales volume among the albums released by SG Wannabe. This album gave the group its first Golden Disk Grand Prize in 2005. Saldaga was used as the ending song for the MBC drama Sad Love Story. This song is used as part of the soundtrack for the Vietnamese drama Mui ngo gai.

Kim Jin-ho’s full technical vocal skills, coupled with the clear vocals of Kim Yong-jun and Chae Dong-ha, reinforced the song as a heavy ballad. The storyline of the music video that was continued with SG Wannabe’s other single, Sin and Punishment, tells of two teenage boys who are close friends who both love their art teacher.

However, because of economic problems, one of them fell into the black world. When trying to save his best friend from gangsters, one of the young men died. Let’s take a look at the music video!


The Sentimental Chord is the fourth studio album by SG Wannabe. It was released on April 6, 2007. At the time, the reaction to this song was cold due to the new attempt, but it overcame its first reaction and ended up being called the best song in 2007. As a result, they received a lot of love from the public and fans. The album became 2007’s highest seller, becoming the 2007 Golden Disk Awards grand prize winner. The Sentimental Chord is an album that can arguably be called the best album at the third Golden Disk Awards. Let’s check out the song here!

Missing You

Missing You is the fifth studio album by SG Wannabe, and includes the track My Friend. It was released on April 24, 2008, and it is the last record from Chae Dong-ha, a former member of SG Wannabe, and the first record for new addition Lee Seok-hoon. It was the album that won the Golden Disk Award in 2008. The song was first recorded in 2008, and was a sad ballad. Lee Seok-hoon also participated in the fifth album, and My Friend is the only song that all the members of SG Wannabe participated in. Take a look at the music video.



Timeless is from the group’s first studio album, SG Wanna Be+. It was released on January 20, 2004. The title tracks and follow-up songs are Timeless and I loved you to death. This song was written by Kang Eun-kyung and composed by Park Geun-tae, and is still the representative song of SG Wannabe. Medium tempo, which was not well known, was introduced. This is the song that marks the beginning of the ballad of the ‘SG Wannabe style,’ and is the song that solidified the group’s image from the beginning. Let’s check out the song here!


Crime and Punishment


On April 11, 2006, SG Wannabe released their third album, called The 3rd Masterpiece. Just as they did in the second album, the music video has two parts; the first part is with the song Crime and Punishment (죄와 벌), while the second part is with the song As We Live (살다가)). This album charted high, reaching #1 on many music charts. Let’s check out the song here!


First Snow


First Snow is from SG Wannabe album 4.5, Story in New York, which was released on November 26, 2007, after the group’s fourth album, The Sentimental Chord. After the album came out in irregular embellish the ‘Best Album’ as the album title actually in New York called the album went taken. Although it has gained great popularity, with more than 70,000 non-regular albums sold, the album also includes several songs, including remakes and regular albums. This song allows you to feel Kim Jin-ho’s sad expression. Let’s check to the song here!




The title song Lalala is a song full of happiness in the country style, and it was a new style of song for SG Wannabe. It was an easy and exciting song, and the video that was sung in the housewife song class became a topic. There are two versions of the music video. The first music video is pre-qualified with the “black” music video, so it has a dark horror atmosphere, unlike a happy song. The second music video was filmed again due to the excitement in public opinion.

This song tells the story of a male protagonist having a woman he loves, but his parents are against it. The mother of a poor man locked a woman in a cellar, and on a day of heavy rain, the basement was submerged in water and the woman sank. Years later, a man has a new woman, and the new woman goes to greet her parents. However, the marriage of the ex-lover who died unjustly was written for a new woman, and she ended up killing the man’s mother cruelly. Then he faces the real soul of the lover, who died in a mental hospital. Let’s check out the song here!


By My Side


This SG Wannabe song was released in 2016 as one of the soundtracks of the hit K-Drama Descendants of the Sun, starring the Song-Song Couple, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. The song By My Side is dominated by the slashing piano. In Korea, the audience seemed to be lulled by the atmosphere of the song and the scenes in it. This song tells the story of someone who finally realized all his feelings of love.

Don’t you forget me. You are the one who is able to make me beat for the first time. You are the only one. Even though it hurts, I’m grateful to be able to fall in love with you. I’m more afraid of not being able to see you because you are everything,” a little chant from By My Side. Let’s check out the song here!