Top 10 SG Wannabe Soundtracks For Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss!

Let’s Meet South Korea’s Trio Ballad Group Who Fills the Popular Drama Soundtracks: SG Wannabe

SG Wannabe is a South Korean trio that carries specializes in creating ballads and debuted in 2004. The name SG Wannabe was taken from the popular 1960s-era duo from the United States, Simon and Garfunkel. The group settled on their name because they want to have musicality and dedication in the world of music, in the same manner as the American duo. SG Wannabe originally included Chae Dong-ha, Kim Yong-jun, and Kim Jin-ho.

Because the trio carries the theme of the ballad, SG Wannabe has been very often trusted to fill the soundtracks of famous dramas. Their beautiful voices and music led to many requests to fill in a number of South Korean drama soundtracks.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about SG Wannabe’s top 10 K-drama soundtracks that you shouldn’t miss!

Chicago Typewriter – Writing Our Stories

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Chicago Typewriter was a tvN K-drama starring Yoo Ah-in, Im Soo-jung, and Go Kyung-pyo. The series is fantasy romance-themed around time travel. This drama uses two-time settings. The story is about three Korean freedom fighters in the 1930s who were reborn in the 21st century. The love story, bromance, and the story of the struggle for independence, which is associated with the novel-writing project, are plus points for this K-drama.

The song Writing Our Stories is a Part 3 soundtrack from the drama Chicago Typewriter, and is very melodic. Usually played during tragic scenes, the song had a knack for making viewers cry. The soft voice of the ballad trio is able to liven up the appropriate atmosphere in this drama.

Let’s check out the SG Wannabe’s soundtrack Writing Our Stories here!

Descendants Of The Sun – Be My Side


The drama Descendants of the Sun released the song part 8 intact, and it’s nicknamed By My Side. This time SG Wannabe gave a beautiful voice. With the three male members of SG Wannabe, the series used this song to indicate a state of love that exists between Song Dae-Young (Jin Goo) and Yoo Myeong-Joo (Kim Ji-Won). The theme of the song itself is ‘The scariest thing in the world, I can’t see the person I love.’

Kang Dong-Yoon, who became the leader of the OST production this time, was assisted by two composers, Hit and Kim Sae-Jin, to make this music more beautiful. The three combined the piano, acoustic guitar, and other orchestral instruments to be able to ‘melt’ with the sounds of SG Wannabe. In particular, SG Wannabe has already been meaningful and monitored song recording. The way they give their best for this song is to directly monitor the recording and give a deep voice. This is done so that the song is able to touch every listener.

Let’s take a listen to SG Wannabe’s soundtrack By My Side here!

Hotel King – Hurts


One of SG Wannabe’s members, Kim Jin-ho, filled in the soundtrack for the popular drama Hotel King, entitled Hurts. This song is the soundtrack of the drama Hotel King part 3. This song was released in 2014.

Let’s check out SG Wannabe’s soundtrack Hurts here!

Another Miss Oh – I’ll Be There

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The drama starring Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-Jin indeed presents an interesting story. It tells the story of two women who have exactly the same name, which results in a continuing misunderstanding.

In this drama, one of SG Wannabe’s members, Lee Seok-Hoon, filled in the soundtrack for this drama with the song I’ll Be There. The song has a sad melody that is ready to carry the listener away on a tide of romance.

You can listen to SG Wannabe’s soundtrack I’ll Be There here!

Radio Romance – Story


The drama stars Yoon Do-joon and Kim So-Hyun, and has a romantic genre that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. As the title suggests, the drama Radio Romance tells the story of the lives of radio employees who are overwhelmed by many problems. Even so, the romance of the two main characters played by Kim So-hyun and Yoon Do-joon also always steals the audience’s attention.

In this drama, one of SG Wannabe’s members, Lee Seok-hoon, became one of the singers who contributed his golden voice in the drama’s soundtrack. His melodious voice makes the song Story so pleasant to hear, even though it’s used repeatedly. You will be carried away with the song when you follow the romance of the main couple in the drama, as well as melt because of Lee Seok-hoon’s beautiful and gentle voice.

Let’s check out SG Wannabe’s soundtrack Story here!

East of Eden – Fate Reversed

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In 2008, SG Wannabe contributed their voices to the drama East of Eden, and they collaborated with Kim Jong-wook with the title song Going Against Fate, which is also known as Fate Reversed. The hidden meaning in this song tells about the depth of one’s love to others, even though the love is unrequited, and there are verses that can make the listener melt.

“Even though I hurt, I love you
Even though I’m sad, I try to smile
I love you, I love you even though I can’t tell you.”

Let’s check out SG Wannabe’s soundtrack Fate Reversed here!

Partners for Justice – It’s Alright

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In 2018, one of SG Wannabe’s members, Lee Seok-hoon, filled the soundtrack for the drama Partners For Justice, also known as Investigation Couple. This song was released under the title It’s Alright. This song can be found on the Partners For Justice soundtrack, part 4.

Let’s listen to SG Wannabe’s song It’s Alright here!

I Miss You – I Won’t Let You Love Me


Don’t Love Me, also known as I Won’t Let You Love Me, is one of the soundtracks released by Lee Seok-hoon. This is one of the songs from the drama I Miss You or Missing You. The song has a sad melody and is utterly heart-wrenching, which is very fitting for listeners who love emotional ballads. Lee Seok-hoon’s caring personality also adds to the atmosphere.

Let’s check out SG Wannabe’s soundtrack I Won’t Let You Love Me here!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – I Confess


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one of the sageuk (historical) Korean dramas that is still difficult to forget, even now. Released in 2016, the drama starring Lee Joon-gi, IU, and Kang Ha-neul was successful in making Korean drama lovers get carried away. I Confess from SG Wannabe tells the story of love. With the sad background music, hearing this song will make you cry.

Let’s lsiten SG Wannabe’s soundtrack I Confess here!

That was our picks for SG Wannabe’s top 10 soundtracks from K-Dramas that you shouldn’t miss. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment below!