Here Are The Top 10 K-pop Stars Who Have TikTok!

K-Pop Stars Who Are TikTokers

TikTok has been constantly used by K-Pop stars to promote their songs or also just to have fun! Many K-Pop stars have been joining TikTok and do what’s trending recently like dance challenges and more. The TikTok dance challenges are usually made by a choreographed dance. Have you made a TikTok account? If not, these K-Pop stars probably will make you consider if you should download and sign up for their content on TikTok. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a list of K-Pop stars who have TikTok accounts. Stay tuned!

Samuel Kim’s TikTok


Samuel made a TikTok account around April 2020. In his first video, he did the savage challenge and wrote the caption, “Wow I’m really on TikTok😋 #savagechallenge.” The savage challenge is a TikTok challenge, usually made by influencers with most followers on TikTok or brands that have invested in TikTok advertising. Samuel’s savage challenge has reached 800k views since it was uploaded. Check out the video of Samuel doing the savage challenge here: Samuel’s Savage Challenge

Samuel then uploaded his second video the same day of his savage challenge. He posted 3 videos in a row since he made a TikTok account. Again, a TikTok challenge, Samuel danced to Justin Bieber’s song “Come Around Me.” He tagged Justin and JBlaze, “Had to do this one🤟🏼@jblazeofficial @justinbieber #comearoundmechallenge #comearoundme.” The video has reached 3,2 million views. Check out Samuel’s “Come Around Me” Challenge here: Come Around Me Challenge

Take a look at some reactions of the netizens:

  • Mann…..I gonna cry… cute he is😭😭…..saraṅghae Oppa….your Garnets love you a lot❤️❤️💜💜❤️❤️
  • Are you sure that you are 101’s Kim Samuel? 😳 cause I’m in a big shock right now 🙂💔
  • Who’s gonna say this man is K-pop?? He looks so fine 😍 how did he grow so fast?

Samuel has been very active on TikTok and following the current trends. As for now, he already has 88 videos on his TikTok account and 1,2 million followers. He even tried to make a choreographed dance for a TikTok Challenge and challenged everyone to do his TikTok dance with a song by Don Toliver titled “Cardigan.” He uploaded a video on April 9th, 2020, and wrote, “First TikTok dance I’ve ever made. I challenge everyone to do this one🌵🔥 #cardiganchallenge @dontolivermusic.”

Check out Samuel Kim’s Tiktok: samuelkimofficial

Also, check out Samuel’s TikTok video compilation here:

CLC’s Sorn’s TikTok

clc sorn

CLC’s Sorn Tiktok: sssorn_chonnasorn

CLC’s Sorn has been on TikTok since March 2020. Her very first video on TikTok is the Bagaikan Langit Challenge. The Bagaikan Langit Challenge is an expression emoji challenge with TikTok featured effects called focus on me (zoom). Check out her video here: Sorn’s Bagaikan Langit Challenge

Sorn stated in her TikTok account bio that she’s the Thai Meme queen of K-pop. Well, she is. She made a duet on TikTok with a TikTok user, Brad Osterhout. In the video, Brad is just dancing to a song titled “Gimme Some” but his movements are too over the top and so Sorn spills a glass of water on her because of his movement. Check out the video here: Sorn’s TikTok video

The reactions of fans are various. Some say that this man got so lucky because an idol just made a duet with him. Some laugh way too much in the comment section. Some don’t realize that this is Sorn’s official account because she doesn’t have the blue tick yet. Currently, Sorn has 419k followers on her TikTok account with a total of 175 videos and is already verified.

Watch Sorn’s TikTok video compilation here:


Amber’s TikTok

F(x)'s Amber

Amber posted her first video on TikTok on April 9th, 2020. Her very first video is “When God made me.” Check out the video here: Amber’s When God made me

Amber on TikTok is really a whole mood. Some of her videos have already reached a million views. One of them is a video about ‘What tomboys do at home…’. The video has reached 7,3 million views. Fans commented that they want to see her with that dress, to which Amber replied with “Lol no one’s ready for dat.” Another comment said, “I was literally gonna say you look like amber but…” and Amber replied with: “I am a professional amber cosplayer.”

Amber is known as an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. She debuted with girl group f(x) in 2009. She recently released her second EP, X, with six tracks. She is also known as a tomboy girl because of her short hair.

Check Out Amber’s Tiktok: llamaber

Watch AmberLiu’s TikTok video compilation here:


Kevin Woo’s TikTok


Kevin Woo made a TikTok account in April 2020. He tried to do the freeze-frame challenge but it would seem that he failed. He wrote, “My attempt at being a TikToker FOLLOW ME ❤️ #freezeframe #미니생각의자.” Many fans commented on the video welcoming Kevin on TikTok. The comments on Kevin’s TikTok are like this, “Welcome to TikTok Kevin. You’ll see that over time you’ll be an expert 😅❤️❤️❤️” “Welcome to TikTok Kevin 🥰😂” “YAYY YOU HAVE TIKTOK NOW!” “Also welcome to TikTok, glad to see you on here😊😊”

On the same day after he uploaded his first video, he posted a video of his collaboration with CLC’s Sorn and a musician, Jun Sung Ahn who are also TikTokers. Check out the video here: When you have Tiktok friends. Recently, Kevin Woo has been active on TikTok. His videos on TikTok are various. There is a video about his life journey and a thank you for being a part of his life, a boyfriend look video, another challenge video, and many more.

Check Out Kevin Woo’s TikTok: kevinwoo91