Here Are The Top 10 Dramas and Movies Acted By Actor Kwon Sang-woo You Must Watch

Let’s Get to Know Better the Legendary Actor, Kwon Sang-woo

Everyone who knows the hit melodrama Stairway to Heaven must be familiar with the lead actor, Kwon Sang-woo. This South Korean actor was born on August 5th, 1976, in Daejeon. He started his career in the entertainment industry as a fashion model in the late 1990s then gained fame after starring a 2003 film titled My Tutor Friend and a melodrama Stairway to Heaven.

Years by years, his popularity continues to increase. And not only in Korea, but he has even gained popularity across many countries in Asia. This is proven by the high rating held by most of his dramas and films.

Curious to know about it? Don’t worry, because, in this article, Channel-Korea has listed the top 10 must-watch dramas and movies starring Kwon Sang-woo. So… Stay tuned!

2001: Delicious Proposal

Delicious Proposal is an MBC drama starring Jung Joon, Son Ye-jin, So Yoo-jin, and So Ji-sub as the main roles which aired from February 7th to March 29th, 2001, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 for a total of 16 episodes.

This romantic comedy-drama depicts a story about two families operating a Chinese food restaurant and becoming rivals to each other, and the love stories of twenty-something high school graduates who are in their own respective ways becoming first-class chefs.

Hyo-dong (Jung Joon) who continued his father’s business of serving the best Chinese food in the area, has been struggling for some time due to the aggressive techniques of their rivals. In the middle of this competition, Hyo-dong gets to know Hee-ae (Son Ye-jin), a beautiful young girl who attends the same cooking class as him. They also meet Shin-ae (So Yoo-jin), a poor student with big dreams of owning her own restaurant in the future. Hyo-dong eventually falls for Hee-ae, but he later finds out that she’s the daughter of the rival that destroyed his father’s restaurant.

In this drama, Kwon Sang-woo acted in the role of a funny and humble delivery man for the restaurant.

2003: Into The Sun

Into The Sun is an SBS Korean drama aired from January 11th to March 16th, 2003, for 20 episodes. This drama is starring Myung Se-bin and Kwon Sang-woo as the leading roles, and Oh Joo-eun, Jung Sung-hwan, and Jung So-young as the supporting roles.

The drama depicts the story of Lieutenant senior Kang Seok-min (Kwon Sang-woo) who joined the navy to follow in his dead father’s footsteps, with a dream of becoming an admiral. At the hospital where his sister works as a doctor, he meets Hye-rin (Myung Se-bin) who is also a female doctor at the hospital. He tries to approach Hye-rin, but she has closed her heart for any man since his boyfriend from college died.

Hye-rin’s college senior who falls for her, Seung-ha (Jung Sung-hwan), plays the role of a guardian for her, but only to win her love. Meanwhile, Kang Seok-min’s honest and yet impulsive behavior throws her heart off. But ever since Seok-min gets involved in the critical situation at the naval base, she later finds herself developing feelings for him.

2003-2004: Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven is an SBS Korean drama which aired from December 3rd, 2003 to February 5th, 2004, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 KST. The drama features Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji-woo, Kim Tae-hee, and Shin Hyun-joon as the main roles.

This drama depicts a love story that has begun from the childhood between Han Jung-seo (Choi Ji-woo) and Cha Song-joo (Kwon Sang-woo). Their sincerity and the faithfulness of their love are tested by the problems that come and go caused by Jung-seo’s stepmother and stepsister.

The conflict began when Jung-seo’s father married Tae Mi-ra (Lee Whee-hyang) who pretended to be kind to Jung-seo at the beginning. She also brought her daughters with her, Yu-ri and Tae-hwa. Yu-ri is jealous of the closeness of Jung-seo and Song-joo, because she also loves Song-joo. She tries to destroy their relationship with the support of his mother because Song-joo is the sole heir of a well-known company.

Song-joo and Jung-seo get separated by distance and time because Song-joo has to continue his studies abroad. Unfortunately, when Song-joo comes back to Korea, he receives the sad news of the death of his lover, Jung-seo, who died in an accident. No one knows that the real cause of the Jung-seo’s death was Yu-ri who had bumped into her car. But, Song-joo still believes that Jung-seo is alive and keeps searching for her.

Until one day, he finally finds out that the person who has been close to him is Jung-seo who has amnesia for four years. They are back together until they get married. But, their problems don’t end there. Song-joo has to face the reality of Jung-seo’s eye cancer that causes her blindness. But, Song-joo still loves her until she dies in his arms. Before Jung-seo dies she says that the circle of their love story has just begun, she will wait for Song-joo in heaven where there are no pain, sadness, and tears.

2005: Sad Love Story

Sad Love Story is an MBC Korean drama which aired from January 5th to March 17th, 2005, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. This drama is starring Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-sun, and Yeon Jung-hoon in the leading roles.

The young Jun-yeong (Kwon Sang-woo) and the blind Hye-in (Kim Hee-sun) became childhood sweethearts. Young and naive, they believe that nothing can change their love for each other. But life, however, has different plans for them and puts them in opposite directions from each other. Jun-yeong is sent to Seoul, while Hye-in immigrates to the United States. There, she meets Keon-woo (Yeon Jung-hoon), then she becomes his girlfriend after hearing the news of the death of Jun-yeong. After the surgery, Hye-in is finally able to see again and becomes a singer. When she comes back to Korea, she meets her producer’s friend that turns out to be Jun-yeong. He instantly recognizes her, but Hye-in has never seen Jun-yeong before.

2010: Daemul

Daemul is an SBS Korean drama which aired from October 6th to December 23rd, 2010, running every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 KST for a total of 24 episodes. This drama was based on a Manhwa with the same title and stars Go Hyun-jung, Kwon Sang-woo, Cha In-pyo, and Lee Soo-kyung in the leading roles.

The drama depicts a story about an anchorwoman Seo Hye-rim (Go Hyun-jung) who gets fired while protesting her husband’s undeserved death. She later enters the politics through the proposal of Kang Tae-san (Cha In-pyo) who is the candidate for the next presidential elections. With the help of Ha Do-ya (Kwon Sang-woo), she becomes the first female president of Korea.

2012: CZ12

CZ12, also known as Chinese Zodiac, is a Hongkong action movie produced, written, and directed by Jackie Chan. Released in December 2012, this movie made a gross income of over $138 million USD at the Tiongkok box office. This movie features actors Jackie Chan, Kwon Sang-woo, Liao Fan, Yao Xing Tong, Zhang Lan Xin, and Laura Weissbecker in the leading roles.

The movie depicts a story about a man who explores the world to find a book related to big events in Chinese history. Therein are terrible predictions about some events that have already occurred, as well as events that will occur in the future. This is until he realizes that he’s involved in the events that will occur in the future.

2013: Medical Top Team

Medical Top Team is an MBC Korean drama which aired from October 9th to December 12th, 2013, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 KST for 20 episodes. The drama is starring Kwon Sang-woo, Jung Ryeo-won, Ju Ji-hoon, Oh Yeon-seo, and Choi Minho in the main roles.

The drama depicts the story of an elite medical team that only consists of the best doctors from each region. They fight for making miracles and try to survive in the middle of the power struggle in the hospital. However, the doctors are faced with conflict among each other when love enters their lives in the hospital.

2013: Queen of Ambition

Queen of Ambition is an SBS Korean drama which aired from January 14th to April 2nd, 2013, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55 KST for 24 episodes. The drama is starred by Kwon Sang-woo, Soo Ae, Yunho, Kim Sung-ryung, and Ko Joon-hee as the main roles.

The drama depicts the story of Joo Da-hee (Soo Ae), a woman who was born poor and wishes to escape from poverty. But, her strong desire changes into excessive ambition. Unsparing, she has the ambition to be the wife of South Korea’s president.

Blindly, she does everything to achieve her goals and changes into a scary person who can sacrifice the people she loves and the people who love her.