10 April Songs That Should Be Added To Your Playlist



After releasing their third mini-album, April came back with a second single album, ‘MAYDAY’. There are a total of three songs on the album, including the title track that has the same name as the album. The official music video was released on May 29, 2017.

MAYDAY has a different concept. Unlike the previous title tracks, this comeback used a retro concept with a more energetic beat that makes you want to dance. Check out the music video below!

Take My Hand


Take My Hand was the title track from their fourth mini-album, called ‘Eternity.’ The album has around six songs, and hit number seven on the music charts at the time of its release.

The song is about a girl that hesitated with her own feelings towards a boy. She hopes that he will notice her feelings by asking him to hold her hands tight. To know more about the song, click on the music video that we shared below!

The Blue Bird


On March 12, 2018, April made a comeback with their fifth mini-album, ‘The Blue.’ There are six songs, including the title track called The Blue Bird.

The song has a classical mixed with retro instrumental feel, with lyrics that tell us about a girl that can’t voice her true feelings. She’s also scared to see herself, just like a bluebird in a cage. It’s a good choice during your hard times in life; you can heal your feelings step by step by listening to ‘The Blue Bird.’

Here is the official music video:

Oh! My Mistake


A year and a half ago, on October 16, 2018, April released their sixth mini-album, ‘The Ruby.’ The title track is called Oh! My Mistake, and the imagery they use for the concept is a little more mature than they have typically used before.

For this comeback, Billboard even weighed in with their thoughts, calling the song a “Revitalizing dance track that adds a new side to April’s artistry,” and also described how the song has a quirky beat that calls to mind the rollicking ’80s. Even though Oh! My Mistake didn’t make it into the Gaon Digital Charts, the song entered the Download Chart at number 71!

Before you add the song to the playlist, let’s watch the official music video first. Happy watching!

Love with Me!

For 2020, April participated in KB’s Digital Compilation: EASY SOUND. They released a special song called Love with Me! (나랑 사랑해!). This song has a cute and energetic vibe in it, and is a great song choice during the summer or while staying up at late night with your best friend when you on vacation. 

Not only a digital release, but the song also has a music video, as well. Here is the official MV for you. Happy watching!

That was all about our top 10 music recommendations from the girl group April. Which song is your favorite? How many of them would you choose to add to your personal playlist? Leave your answer in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article with other people so they can also get the latest news about their favorite Korean artists with us, Channel-Korea.