Here Are Top 10 Actor Yoo Ah-in Dramas You Must Watch

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Actor Yoo Ah-in recommended the movie ’82 -year-old Kim Ji-young ‘(director Kim Do-young) starring fellow Jung Yu-mi.

On the 5th, Yoo Ah-in linked ’82 year old Kim Ji-young’ trailer to the media, and ’82 year old Kim Ji-young’ film, which is a friend of Jung Yoo-mi, who loves people and continues to grow for the first time, participates in her work. “It was nice and new to feel her sound and movement more solid and natural than ever. I look forward to seeing the audience resonate.”

Yoo Ah-in said, “We will use this movie as a game to put the war on the screen in our hands, and the movie will spread on the screen as a movie and vibrate with the hearts of the audience. I hope you see it as it is. I hope you feel as it is.”

He said, “If you watch this movie with a story of one person and another person, it was recommended that you feel that we are together through empathy beyond gender and differences.” He said.

Yoo Ah-in and Jung Yo-mi appeared in the movies ‘Are You Not Good’ (2007) and ‘Cul-Chul’ (2013). In the animation ‘Our Stars and the Bulls,’ they also performed their voices side by side. Yoo Ah-in has a special starring role with Jung Yoo-mi in starring ‘Discovery of Love.’

Born in 1982, Kim Ji-young, ’82 year old Kim Ji-young’, is a film about a story that nobody knew about Kim Ji-young (Jeong Yu-mi) who lives in 2019. Kim Ji-young, someone’s daughter, wife, colleague, and mother, is playing with her husband, Dae-hyun. The novel of the same name by Cho Nam-joo is the original. Through the life of a very ordinary woman, Kim Ji-young, including the episode of ‘Mamchung’ (relaxingly speaking to mothers dedicated to childcare), the film depicts the violent gaze of society on childcare. Syndrome received attention.

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