Get to Know Former H.O.T’s Leader Tony Ahn: Profile, Love Life, Gambling Scandal, etc.

Gambling Scandal


On December 27th, 2013, Seoul Central District Court handed Comedian Lee Soo Geun, TV personality Tak Jae Hun and Singer Tony Ahn a six months prison sentence suspended for one year. They were indicted for gambling on illegal online sites. Early in December, during the final trial, they admitted to the charges and regretted their wrongdoing. Originally, Tony Ahn was demanded a 10 months prison sentence and two years of probation by the prosecutor. Tony Ahn could avoid 6 months prison terms if during a year probation period he avoids criminal conduct.

It was revealed that Tony Ahn gambled huge sums of money, around 400 million won, from May 2009 to March 2012 on the English Premier League matches through smartphones. Three other celebrities, Shinhwa’s member Andy, broadcaster Boom, and comedian Yang Sae Hyung, were also charged for illegal gambling. Since they gambled a smaller amount of money, they were charged with fines of 3 to 5 million won.

Due to Tony Ahn’s involvement in the gambling case, a mainstream TV station, KBS, decided to ban songs, videos and related contents of H.O.T and prevented Tony’s show appearances on their media outlets. Another TV station, MBC, announced a temporary ban on Tony Ahn’s appearances on their media channels as well. In 2016, all TV stations lifted the ban on Tony.

Tony Ahn and Hyeri’s Past Romance

In April 2013, an online newspaper reported that Tony Ahn and Hyeri from Girl’s Day were spotted on a date in a café nearby Han River. It seemed that they met a month before and the meeting had developed into a romantic relationship. The news was a little bit surprising, considering the fact that Tony Ahn and Hyeri had a 16 years age gap. Their agencies’ representatives confirmed their relationship and that they were attracted to each other’s personalities. Hyeri fell for his easygoing and caring personality while Tony fell for her manner and nice personality.

His romantic relationship with Hyeri became a topic of conversation on every TV program that Tony attended. He enjoyed being teased and being asked about Hyeri. However, just like many other idol relationships, the relationship did not last for long. The relationship lasted only 8 months and they broke up in November 2013. They became separated due to their busy schedules.

Tony Ahn Confessed to Sandara Park

On MBC every1’s Video Star, aired on February 5th, 2019, Sandara Park revealed that in the past, Tony Ahn wrote a confession letter to her. Tony Ahn wrote a happy birthday letter and he was thankful and lucky to know her in person. He wished her days filled with good and happy things. He cherished her being and loved her as a man loves a woman. He used to like her and regretted not having enough time for each other. At the moment, their relation is not a romantic one but more of a close and comfortable friendship.

In his 20s, many women were interested in Tony Ahn and he could easily date a woman without even trying. As he got older he became more scared of a relationship. Tony Ahn said that he became a waiting and watching type of guy.

Tony Ahn’s Mom Tries to Set Him Up with Yoona

In an episode of SBS’ My Ugly Duckling, aired on March 24th, 2019, Yoona was invited as a special guest MC. Yoona talked about her feelings and emotions after she turned 30. Tony Ahn’s mother said that she admired Yoona’s beauty and kind personal image. If Tony was slightly younger, then he could approach her. Tony is also a kind person and a 10 years of age difference is common these days, hinting a possible relationship between Tony and Yoona.

Everyone was laughing at her honest and straightforward proposal. Other mothers were thinking about the same thing but they didn’t have the courage to say it to Yoona. Yoona said that she was a fan of Tony and Tony’s appearance in recent concert was exactly the same as Tony’s first debut.

His Thoughts on Marriage and Revealing He Once Considered Marrying One of His Exes

In a session of QTV’s 20th Century Boys H.J.g.R Project held in August 2013, Tony Ahn said that he would like to get married when he is 40 years old. Before turning 40 he can’t take care of himself and can’t carry the responsibility of being the head of a family.

In an episode of My Ugly Duckling, aired in November 2016, his housemate and close friend, Kim Jae Duk asked Tony Ahn about girlfriend and marriage. Tony Ahn answered that he once considered marrying one of his ex-girlfriends. The ex-girlfriend in question was reportedly a singer and she had met Tony’s mother. His mother liked his ex-girlfriend and wanted Tony to marry her but the marriage never happened.

Tony Ahn’s Net Worth

In QTV’s variety program 20th Century Handsome Men, aired on April 30th, 2013, Tony Ahn revealed his income during the early days of H.O.T. He earned about $8.000 in royalties alone. Nowadays, he makes most of his earnings through his company. His biggest income has come from the school uniform business. Proudly, he said that he earned about 4 or 5 times more than his total earning as a member of H.O.T.