Profile of ToHeart: A Duo Between SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun

shinee key infinite woohyun to heart profile

Everything You Should Know About the 2014 K-Pop Duo of INFINITE’s Woohyun and SHINee’s Key

The closeness between members of K-pop idol groups with one another is always interesting to observe, especially if they are not awkward showing togetherness in front of the camera. INFINITE‘s Woohyun and SHINee‘s Key are one of many K-pop celebrity best friends. The singers of “Destiny” and “Lucifer” became close after the two exchanged cell phone numbers on a radio show.

Second-generation K-pop fans, especially Shawol and Inspirit, must be familiar with ToHeart. It’s been almost 7 years since this duo group made their debut. Even though they are no longer releasing new albums, ToHeart’s songs are still a cure for fans’ longing for their performance on stage.

In this article, there is detailed information about the two members of ToHeart and also their career journeys. Make sure you don’t miss any information in the article below, and let’s check out more facts about ToHeart!

ToHeart’s Profile

ToHeart’s Woohyun

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

Real Name: Nam Woo-hyun (Hangul: 남우현)

Stage Name: Woo-hyun (Hangul: 우현)

Birth: Chungcheong, South Korea, February 8, 1991

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Leader, Main Vocalist, Dancer

Official Site:

ToHeart’s Key

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

Real Name: Kim Kibum (Hangul: 김기범)

Stage Name: Key (Hangul: 키)

Birth: Daegu, South Korea, September 23, 1991

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 181 cm (5’11”)

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae

Official Site: Instagram ( @bumkeyk )

Facts About ToHeart

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile
  1. ToHeart is a collaboration duo group with SM Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment
  2. This group consists of two charming male K-pop idols, namely INFINITE’s Woohyun and SHINee’s Key
  3. Both are best friends who were both born in 1991
  4. Nam Woohyun was born on February 8th while Kim Kibum followed on September 23rd
  5. On March 10, 2014, ToHeart made its debut with the release of 1st Mini Album
  6. On the same day, ToHeart released the music video for its main single, “Delicious”
  7. On April 7, 2014, “Tell Me Why” became their second single to release a music video
  8. The models in the “Tell Me Why” music video are Golden Child’s Daeyeol and Moon Ga-young
  9. “Delicious” was nominated in the Best Male Music Video category at SBS MTV’s Best of the Best 2014 award ceremony
  10. In 2015, ToHeart won the Popularity Award at the 29th Golden Disk Awards

ToHeart Debut

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

Woohyun is a member of INFINITE, and Key is a member of SHINee. They joined as a duo called ToHeart. They released a mini album titled The 1st Mini Album on March 10, 2014.

After the long-awaited joint subunit between SHINee and INFINITE, ToHeart finally released its first mini album. With their debut song “Delicious,” Woohyun and Key tried to present something fresh.

The ToHeart project is arguably a secret project carried out by INFINITE’s management, Woollim Label, and SHINee’s management, SM Entertainment. The idea for a duet of these two friends also came from each of its members. This is the first inter-group subunit between SM Entertainment and Woollim Label. Of course, this is possible considering that Woollim is now under the management of SM C&C which is none other than a subsidiary of SM Entertainment.

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

The songs on the album ToHeart talk a lot about love. The title song “Delicious” tells about the struggle for a woman by Key and Woohyun with lyrics that they pride themselves on. With a fast, upbeat beat, “Delicious” can be very easily liked by K-pop music lovers. The lyrics “Come on girl, love is so nutritious. Come on girl, love is so delicious” was sung over and over again so that it easily stuck in the listener’s head.

However, ToHeart’s music style and the genre still sound similar to SHINee’s music style. ToHeart does not present a musical concept that makes it different from the group where Key belongs. Most of the songs on the ToHeart album sound similar to the songs sung by SHINee. Apart from that, some of the songwriters on this album have indeed composed songs for SHINee and also INFINITE.

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

“Delicious” is a collaboration between Sweetune and Sean Alexander who previously wrote the songs “Man in Love,” INFINITE’s “The Chaser,” and SHINee’s “Amigo.” The 1st Mini Album contains six songs including one song called “Miro,” the result of their collaboration with MC Jae-yoon.

ToHeart’s Music Videos and Live Performances

In the “Delicious” music video, Key and Woohyun appear colorful. With the plot of two friends competing for a woman, the two friends don’t look awkward showing off their bromance in this video.

Woohyun and Key also performed the special choreography that they prepared for the past few months. They were accompanied by several background dancers who made the dance to the “Delicious” song even more crowded.

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

In the music video, Key and Woohyun are seen showing their friendship including their closeness and joking with each other. With a bright background, Key and Woohyun enlivened the atmosphere with colorful choreography and outfits from formal to casual outfits. In some scenes, the two are also seen in the same room and sharing beautiful moments with each other.

On April 5, 2014, ToHeart performed their debut single “Delicious” on Music Core. In that performance, ToHeart looked very happy and cheerful when performing “Delicious” on stage. The duo consisting of SHINee’s and Woolim’s members looked cool and trendy while wearing casual outfits during their performance on this music program.

After successfully promoting the song “Delicious,” the subunit of SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun, ToHeart, was ready to return with a new song titled “Tell Me Why.” ToHeart also spoiled fans with the release of the song’s music video starring INFINITE’s Sungyeol’s younger brother, Lee Dayeol.

The song tells the story of a man who doesn’t let the person he loves go. Sungyeol’s younger brother who is also a Woollim Entertainment trainee plays the role of the man who doesn’t let the person he loves go.

shinee key infinite woohyun toheart profile

In the music video, Lee Da-yeol collided with one of the beautiful actresses who was currently on the rise after starring in the drama Mimi with TVXQ’s Changmin, Moon Ga-young. Lee Da-yeol who dreamed of being left by Moon Ga-young was seen showing his emotional acting while chasing Moon Ga-young before finally waking up.

Even though he has only made his first appearance in a music video, the 20-year-old man is seen showing his acting skills well in the music video of the song that was ready to be released on April 20, 2014. Lee Da-yeol is INFINITE’s Sungyeol‘s younger brother who was born in 1993 and was 21 years old while filming the music video.

Has anyone watched the “Tell Me Why” music video?

On March 13, 2014, “Tell Me Why” was performed as one of ToHeart’s performances on Mnet’s M Countdown. In this performance, Key and Woohyun looked very harmonious with each other and very balanced while performing together on stage. Both of them wore suits and ties like a musical performance, but they still had the charisma when they performed the “Tell Me Why” choreography by singing live on stage.

Well, that was all of the information about ToHeart, a; K-pop duo from different boy groups, INFINITE and SHINee. From this project, we can enjoy some interesting songs and also the fresh concept given by these two talented members. Even though they currently have no future plans for a comeback, let’s still give a lot of support and love so they can have good careers and have a comeback soon!