Maknae of TO1, Woonggi: Profile, Pre Debut, and Fancam!

TO1 Woonggi Profile

Everything About TO1’s Woonggi!

Some of you already know about n.CH Entertainment’s boy group, TO1. But, are you sure that you also know about the members? Through this article, we will provide information about the maknae of the group, Woonggi. So, keep on reading this article!

TO1’s Woonggi’s Profile

TO1 Woonggi profile

Name: Cha Woong Gi (차웅기)

Stage name: Woonggi (웅기)

Birthday: April 23, 2002

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 172 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 53 kg

Debut year: 2020

Group: TO1

Occupation: Singer

Agency: WAKE ONE Entertainment // n.CH Entertainment

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Nationality: Korean

TO1’s Woonggi’s Facts

TO1 Woonggi profile
  • Woonggi has an older brother named Cha Jae Hoon. He is an ulzzang and has an Instagram @chajaehooon.
  • He studied at Hanlim Multi Arts School and graduated in 2021.
  • He is a student in Konkuk University’s Acting and Arts Department.
  • Woonggi can speak English.
  • He is friends with ex-X1‘s Dongpyo, Hanggyul, and Hyeongjun.
  • Woonggi is good at singing and acting, and he is also good at girl group dances.
  • He is very confident and full of energy.
  • He gets scared easily.
  • In his group, Woonggi is one of the shortest members.
  • Woonggi had a curly hairstyle like a poodle.
  • During his childhood, Woonggi appeared in many musicals and CFs.
  • His MBTI type is ENFP.
  • He is a representative of the penguin in his group.

TO1’s Woonggi’s Pre-Debut

TO1 Woonggi predebut

Before his debut with TO1, Woonggi was a child actor under the stage name Cha Jae-dol. He debuted in 2007 by starring in Lee San, Wind of the Palace as Yi San. He starred in various dramas such as A Vindictive Woman, Cain and Abel, Jejungwon, Definitely Neighbors, and one movie in 2008 titled The Little Prince. 

Here are Woonggi’s pre-debut photos that you should know!

TO1 Woonggi predebut
TO1 Woonggi predebut

Little Woonggi looks so precious and talented!

TO1 Woonggi predebut
TO1 Woonggi predebut

The two photos above are Woonggi and his older brother; they look like twins!

TO1 Woonggi predebut

When Woonggi wears his school uniform, he looks so handsome and young!

TO1 Woonggi predebut

Woonggi and his doll are both so cute, especially Woonggi!

Woonggi predebut

The last picture is when Woonggi was a trainee under n.CH Entertainment.

TO1’s Woonggi’s Debut

TO1 Woonggi debut

As we all know, Woonggi got 3rd place in the program To Be WORLD CLASS and managed to debut with TO1 (formerly known as TOO). He debuted on April 1, 2020, which was previously announced on December 6, 2019.

TO1 Woonggi

Woonggi is the last member whose individual teaser photo was uploaded on TO1’s social media, more precisely on April 11. Firstly, his group, TOO, released the first EP Reason for Being: Benevolence. In 2021, the group changed its name to TO1 and released its 3rd EP Re:Born. 

Jointly with TO1, they got an award at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards with the category Rookie Award.

TO1’s Woonggi’s Focus Fancams

TO1 Woonggi fancam

When talking about K-pop idols, surely we will hear one popular term among K-pop fans, namely fancam. This term contains videos of K-pop idols’ performances recorded by fans or TV show cameras. Afterward, they upload the videos on any online platform or social media such as YouTube.

Fancam is divided into two parts, namely “individual” and “group.” For the “group” focus fancam, this is a contained performance of a group as a whole. Meanwhile, the individual focus fancam contains only one member’s performance of that group.

This also happens to TO1. Among their fans, there must be someone who supports mainly one member, such as Woonggi. In connection with that, we have some of Woonggi’s focus fancams that you should watch. So, check this out!

So, that’s all the information about TO1’s Woonggi, from his pre-debut story to his focus fancams. After reading this article, what do you think about him? Please kindly write your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share this article with your friends!