TO1’s Minsu: Profile, Age, Pre-Debut, Etc.

TO1’s Minsu’s Performances on Stage

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We have seen the debut era of TO1 with their song “Magnolia”. But do you know that they have made comebacks with a lot of songs a few months after that? Well, of course, as a K-pop group, TO1 are so productive that they release songs after making their official debut. So, not only “Magnolia”, we can listen to other songs by TO1 in some music shows too.

If you’re impressed with the performance of “Magnolia” on Road to Kingdom, why don’t we see their performances of other songs by TO1. Let’s check out TO1’s songs on some music shows!

Well, their songs are really great, right? Their outfits and even facial expressions are really matched with the songs. It’s so amazing to see Minsu and how he has grown up since the first time he showed up in World Klass. Now, if you want to see him better, let’s check out Minsu’s fancam below!

What do you think about Minsu’s performances? Well, not only Minsu, but all TO1 members are great performers, right? Can’t wait to see more big things from them in the future!


TO1’s Minsu’s Visual: Pre-Debut vs Now

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We have seen the debut era of Minsu with TO1 when they released “Magnolia” as their debut song. We also have seen some clips of Minsu when he was only a participant in World Klass. But he surely has changed a lot as time went by. Not in a bad way, in fact, Minsu has been turning more and more adorable each day.

Since the first time he made a debut, Minsu has shown his cute appearance to the fans. He is as bright as the sun in the morning. He also shows his smile no matter what happens. Minsu the happy vitamin is always ready to cheer us up!

But what about Minsu when he was still just an ordinary student? Well, even before, Minsu was also a good student with a nice visual. If only he didn’t end up debuting with TO1, you might have had a crush on him if you saw him on the street.

Let’s check out Minsu’s visual when he hadn’t yet debuted with TO1!

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minsu pre debut
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And now, it’s time to check out the visual of Minsu after he debuted with TO1. His hairstyle is changing, his make-up style is also changing. But one thing we know for sure, Minsu is still the same Minsu from Cheongju. He just became more mature and more adorable!

minsu too
minsu too
minsu too

What do you think about Minsu’s visuals? Be it the pre-debut era or after debut era, Minsu is just as gorgeous as ever. Some idols (or even us if we debut as an idol) might be worried if people see their pre-debut photos. But we can’t see any flaw in Minsu’s pre-debut pictures. He’s just as handsome as ever, right?


Well, that was all the information that we have gathered for you to learn more about Minsu. He might have been just a little boy from Cheongju before, but he set his goal straight to be a singer and trained hard to prove himself. Now that he became one of the members of TO1, Minsu can’t stop showing us his brilliant performances on stage. He also never forgets to treat his fans with some cute selfies. Which of his charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!