Everything You Need To Know About TO1’s Kyungho’s: Profile, Cool Abs, Age, Height, Pre-Debut, and More

to1 kyungho profile

The Vocalist and Main Dancer of TO1

Kyungho is a South Korean singer and member of boy group TO1, formerly TOO. This boy group consists of ten members that debuted after the 2019 survival show To Be World Klass by Mnet. Kyungho officially debuted on April 1, 2020, then re-branded to TO1 on March 28, 2021.

Let’s find out more about Kyungho’s profile, abs, age, height, and pre-debut in this Channel-Korea article! Keep reading!

TO1’s Kyungho’s Profile

to1 kyungho profile

Stage Name: Kyungho (Hangul: 경호)
Birth Name: Jang Kyung Ho (Hangul: 장경호)
Birthday: May 7th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

T01’s Kyungho’s Facts

to1 kyungho profile

1. TO1’s Kyungho graduated from Hanlim Multi High School.

2. TO1’s Kyungho is talented in dancing and vocals.

3.TO1’s Kyungho nickname is Boss Baby.

4. TO1’s Kyungho is the tallest member of the group.

5. TO1’s Kyungho likes to do freestyle rapping.

6. TO1’s Kyungho loves to make dance choreography.

7. From Fan Cafe, TO1’s Kyungho’s representative animal is a Golden Retriever.

8. TO1’s Kyungho is also known for his abs.

9. TO1’s Kyungho never joined Def Dance Company.

10. TO1’s Kyungho has an older sister.

11. TO1’s Kyungho performed dance covers to “Black Swan” by BTS and “Kick I”t by NCT 127.

12. TO1’s Kyungho earned 4th place on WORLD KLASS.

13. TO1’s Kyungho’s motto is, “The more you do something, the bigger it will get, so it’s a worry.”

14. TO1’s Kyungho is the main dancer and vocalist in the group.

15. TO1’s Kyungho’s group element is fire.

16. TO1’s Kyungho learned English while he was living in the Philippines.

17. TO1’s Kyungho has signed a contract under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment.

18. TO1’s Kyungho can’t light matches easily.

19. TO1’s Kyungho easily swells so he tries to prevent it from happening.

20. Since TO1’s Kyungho swells, he revealed that he won’t talk to you if you mention it.

21. TO1’s Kyungho likes it if people say that he is not swollen today or he looks slim.

22. TO1’s Kyungho roommates are Minsu, Chan, Jisu, J.You, and Woonggi.

23. If TO1’s Kyungho could exchange bodies among the members, he would choose Woongi since he’s more okay as the youngest.

T01’s Kyungho’s Ideal Type

to1 kyungho profile

TO1’s Kyungho has not yet revealed his ideal type. He just debuted with his group in 2021 so in their upcoming interviews, he may describe his ideal type. In South Korea, an ideal type is one of the most common questions to ask idols or entertainers. If you are curious about the ideal type of Kyungho, stay tuned!

T01’s Kyungho’s Pre-Debut

to1 kyungho profile

Kyungho participated in the reality show To Be World Klass by Mnet in 2019. Kyungho ranked fourth and joined the group’s lineup for debut.

He is educated from Hanlim Art School with a focus on vocals and dancing that may have contributed to sharpening his talent in singing.

T01’s Kyungho’s Focus Fancam

He is so cool and on point. Moreover, his face never betrays the beat and vibe of the song.


T01’s Kyungho’s Cool Abs

to1 kyungho profile

Having abs is a sign that a person takes care of their body. Kyungho showed his abs on several occasions and can be seen above!

They look cool and healthy! What do you think?

T01’s Kyungho’s Visual

to1 kyungho profile

He is visually pleasant and has determined eyes. What do you think?

to1 kyungho profile

He is also cute!

to1 kyungho profile

He is among the three youngest in the group and has a young and cute face. If you agree, raise your hand!

That’s all about Kyungho’s profile and abs, age, height, and pre-debut. What do you like the most about TO1’s Kyungho? Put your comment below, share it on Twitter, and don’t forget to always support him in his life and career!