TO1’s Jaeyun: Profile, Age, English, Etc.

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Meet the Talented Idol from TO1—Jaeyun

Have you ever met an idol that is too talented that you can’t believe they are real? Well, maybe, there are a lot of talented idols out there. But one thing we know for sure, there’s only one Jaeyun in this world and no one can replace him. Who’s Jaeyun that we’re going to talk about here?

It’s Jaeyun from TO1. He’s one of the members of a group that made a debut in 2020 with the name TOO and rebranded in March 2021 by changing their name to TO1. TO1 is a group under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment. They are a group with 10 gorgeous and talented members. And of course, one of them is Jaeyun.

In TO1, Jaeyun is in charge of the main vocalist as well as the leader position. Although he is the leader of TO1, Jaeyun is not the oldest member. Jaeyun was born in 2000.

Let’s discuss all the interesting details about Jaeyun in the sections below!

TO1’s Jaeyun’s Profile


Full Name: Lee Jaeyun

Given Name: Jaeyun

Stage Name: Jaeyun

Korean Name: 이재윤

Nicknames: Gom Jaeyun, Sloth, Harry, etc.

Birthday: August 16th, 2000

Nationality: Korean

Height: 175 cm

Blood Type: B

Foot Size: 265 mm

Specialty: Song, English, Jiu-Jitsu

Hobby: Eating, walking


Family: Parents, an older brother, an older sister

Position: Leader, main vocalist

Debut Year: 2020

Agency: n.CH Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment

Group: TO1

TO1’s Jaeyun’s Facts


After exploring his profile information, you must be wondering a lot of things about Jaeyun besides the basic info. Well, yeah, he has a lot of charms that can make you fall in love with him. We have gathered some interesting facts about Jaeyun, check it out!

  • Jaeyun, Minsu, and J.You are called Gulgulz. That’s because the three of them eat so well.
  • When Jaeyun was in the 3rd grade of middle school, he was a model student. Jaeyun studied so hard and his English grades were good too.
  • Jaeyun was in a dance club called JJ when he was in high school.
  • Jaeyun is unable to drink alcohol because he’s allergic to it.
  • Jaeyun once went on a diet and he only ate 400 calories a day at that time.

TO1’s Jaeyun’s Pre-Debut


We have seen the profile and some interesting facts about Jaeyun. Now it’s obvious that your curiosity about Jaeyun will only further increase. So, what brought the little boy from Daegu, Lee Jaeyun, to Seoul and made him decide to become an idol? Was it really his dream to be a singer since a child? Well, you will find the answers soon.

Let’s check out the story of Jaeyun before he became a member of TO1!


Jaeyun was born in Daegu with the name Lee Jaeyun. He was born on August 16th, 2000. He lived in Daegu along with his parents, an older brother, and an older sister. Jaeyun is the youngest child in his family, despite being the leader of TO1.

Jaeyun grew up in Daegu until the age of 6. He moved to Myanmar to study at an international school there. Jaeyun graduated from an elementary school named ISM or International School of Myanmar. He studied in Myanmar until the second year of middle school, after that, he moved back to Daegu.

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Because he enrolled in an international school and lived abroad for years, Jaeyun is fluent in English. He even watched Inside Out, the Disney movie, in English and had no problem with it.

Before Jaeyun officially moved back to Korea, when he was in middle school, he watched School 2013. It is a Korean drama about the hard work of students in high school, along with the problems around them. Because of that, Jaeyun was scared of the schools in Korea. Then he started taking Jiu-Jitsu classes. This made him good at Jiu-Jitsu and even ranked first in a competition that he joined.

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When Jaeyun was in middle school, he met Beomgyu from TXT and other schoolmates. Jaeyun and Beomgyu were attending the same middle school in Daegu and formed a band. Beomgyu was the guitarist of the band, while Jaeyun was the vocalist. There’s a video of them performing.

Jaeyun started to set his goal clear. He wanted to be a singer, but he also had a backup plan too, which was to be a hotelier. However, he first had to take an audition. And to prepare for that, he applied for performing arts when he was about to enroll in high school. He was accepted into Hanlim Multi Arts High School. However, Jaeyun’s parents were against it. So, Jaeyun had to delay his dream and attended a high school in Daegu.


But he didn’t give up easily. Jaeyun went to a dance club when he was in high school, so he could learn to dance and sing better. So, when he was ready to join an audition next time, he could prepare for the best.

After that, Jaeyun joined an audition for a K-pop agency called Maroo Entertainment. It’s the agency overseeing Park Jihoon, Bonusbaby, Ghost9, etc. Jaeyun passed the audition and became a trainee there.

TO1’s Jaeyun in World Klass


Even though Jaeyun was a trainee of Maroo Entertainment, it would seem that his path to be an idol didn’t belong there. Jaeyun left the company and joined a survival show titled World Klass, which aired on Mnet. There were 20 global trainees that later on competed against each other to be part of the 10-member boy group called TO1.

Just like the title, World Klass, the show had a concept in which the participants were from various countries. The show was also filmed in several countries. Lil Pump the rapper was at one point a judge in one of the episodes too. During the show, the participants were told to team up and show their best performance.

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Just like some other survival shows from Mnet, World Klass was a survival show based on voting from juries. Since Mnet had an issue with manipulating votes in their previous shows, they assured the fans that World Klass is not rigged. So, the top 10 final ranks will be debuting as TO1 after the show ends.

Let’s see Jaeyun’s performances in World Klass!

Even though Jaeyun showed his best, he only managed to rank 11th, making him unable to join the line-up of TO1. Jaeyun probably was sad at that time, but seems like it was his fate to join TO1 no matter what. One of the participants who ranked 3rd, Hanjun, was eliminated due to some scandals. A few days after the final line-up was revealed, Jaeyun was chosen to replace Hanjun, since he was the participant with the most votes beside the other 10.

Woah, it’s really good for Jaeyun since that means he’s able to debut as an idol. He finally can reach his dream. Good job, Jaeyun!