What You Need To Know About TO1’s J.You: Full Profile, Age, Ideal Type, Fancam, Visual, and More

to1 j.you profile

J You, the Anime Face of South Korean Boy Group TO1 You Should Know!

J. You is a member of TO1, formerly named TOO. He became number one in a K-pop survival show. Undoubtedly, he has the talent and skill to be an idol.

Moreover, J. You constantly amazes the public with his prince-like visual. Do you want to know him more? Keep scrolling down to see his full profile by Channel-Korea! Stay tuned!

TO1’s J.You’s Profile


Stage Name: J.You (Hangul: 제이유)
Birth Name: Kim Je You (Hangul: 김제유)
Birthday: November 2nd, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

TO1’s J.You’s Facts


1. TO1’s J.You participated in WORLD KLASS.

2. TO1’s J.You has a talent for rapping.

3. TO1’s J.You has contracted under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment.

4. TO1’s J.You’s element in the group is wood.

5. TO1’s J.You’s position is rapper and visual.

6. As a child, TO1’s J.You aimed to become a legend.

7. TO1’s J.You has an older sister.

8. TO1’s J.You likes mangos and strawberries.

9. TO1’s J.You enjoys writing lyrics.

10. TO1’s J.You is a high school dropout.

11. TO1’s J.You can freestyle rap.

12. TO1’s J.You’s name represents a symbol of a king- modest, wise, and clever.

13. TO1’s J.You’s stage name is a combination of a classical scholar (Sunbi) and emperor.

14. TO1’s J.You has high tension.

15. TO1’s J.You automatically cleans his makeup after finishing his schedules.

16. TO1’s J.You claims that he tends to have a positive mindset.

17. TO1’s J.You’s signature points based on his friend Jerome are the corner of his lips, his dimples, his butt, and his eyes.

18. J.You is dynamic when he walks.

19. He revealed that the choreography for the first mini-album is difficult.

20. If TO1’s J.You could switch bodies, he would choose Kyungho because he can dance well.

21. TO1’s J.You can speak English well.

22. TO1’s J.You first dining friend after becoming a trainee was Jerome. They went to dinner together.

23. TO1’s J.You’s roommates are Kyungho, Minsu, Jisu, Woonggi, and Chan.

24. TO1’s J.You is a fan of Gugudan’s Sejeong.

25. TO1’s J.You’s role model is TVXQ’s Yunho.

26. Kyungho wants to portray his appearance as chic and warm.

27. TO1’s J.You’s nicknames are Dangsin ( J.당신), 제육볶음/Jeyuk Bokkeum, and Welsh Corgi.

28. TO1’s J.You admires NCT’s Taeyong because of his facial expressions and his talent.

TO1’s J.You’s Ideal Type


J.You has not yet explained his ideal type to the public, but it’s something that people want to know to understand their bias. He just debuted in 2021 and has not been asked in an interview about his ideal type yet.

TO1’s J.You’s Pre-Debut


J.You joined the 2019 K-pop group survival show WORLD KLASS on Mnet before his debut. He earned the first rank with 42,262 votes, making him eligible to debut.

J. You has singing and rapping talents that make him stand out. He also dropped out of school to focus on this path.

TO1’s J.You’s Debut


J. You debuted on March 28, 2021, with TO1, formerly known as TOO. The group consists of ten members after the competition on the survival show WORLD KLASS on Mnet.

He gained the first rank and joined the lineup on April 1, 2020. The group was then changed to TO1 on March 28, 2021. They released their first mini-album Re: Born on May 20 with the title track “Son of Beast.”

TO1’s J.You’s Focus Fancam

His moves are so elegant and sharp. Do you like this focus cam? Check out his dance practice below, too! It is another version of the choreography, and is cute but fun!

TO1’s J.You’s Visual


J.You is the visual in the group and also modeled for the cover of Campus Plus for the December issue.


Does he look like an animation? What is your opinion?


He has a small, sharp face that resembles the manhwa character. Do you agree?

That is all about TO1’s J.You profile. Don’t forget to share your comments about him below! Why is J.You is your bias? Put it below and share it on Twitter! Keep supporting J.You!