TO1’s Chan: Profile, Ex-SM Trainee, Abs, and Tattoo

Chan’s Debut with TOO (TO1)


We talked about how World Klass searched for the new talented trainees that later on would debut as part of the line-up of the new K-pop boy group that has a world-class quality. The show was aired from October 4th, 2019, until December 6th, 2019. Although the show ended at the end of the year 2019, the group didn’t make a debut soon after that.

That was probably because there was an issue with Mnet’s survival shows that were said to have been rigged. There were manipulations with the votes to decide which trainees would make it to the line-up. Regarding this issue, X1 from Produce x 101, the survival show from Mnet, needed to take a hiatus and later on decided to disband. While IZ*ONE who came from the same show but a different season only took a quite long hiatus.

Some people on the internet already had a bad opinion about how Mnet rigged their previous shows, so they thought that TOO’s show, World Klass, was rigged as well, despite the fact that the 10 participants who made it to the Top 10 were actually talented. Oh well, they didn’t even give them a chance…

But luckily, TOO still made their debut a few months after that. They released their first single track “Magnolia” which was released on April 1st, 2020. Let’s see the music video of “Magnolia”, TOO’s debut song!


Even when they were just a few months old, TOO made another appearance in another survival show after their debut. They joined a survival program titled Road to Kingdom where they were performing their songs and other artists’ songs with different arrangements. They really showed their best, we almost forgot the fact that they were rookies back then!

Here are some clips of TOO in Road To Kingdom!

What do you think of TOO’s debut era? Let us know if you like it or not!

TOO’s Chan’s Performances on Stage


TOO (now changed to TO1) didn’t only perform on the Road to Kingdom show or on music videos, not even only in their practice room. TO1 performed to promote their songs on music shows too. Let’s see some performances of TO1 in music shows with their title tracks that are so captivating!

And now, it’s time to see the performances that only focus on Chan on stage. As the main dancer, he really stole people’s attention with his dance. He also raps really well when he’s on stage. Let’s see the videos of Chan’s focus on music shows!

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TOO’s Chan’s Tattoos


It’s really not a rare thing for a rapper to have tattoos. We can mention a lot of names of rappers who have tattoos, not only in Korea, even the rappers worldwide usually have tattoos on their bodies. Chan is included. Chan is one of the rappers who have tattoos.

Let’s see what kind of tattoos Chan has in some of the pictures below!


Chan already had tattoos when he was in World Klass. What do you think of Chan’s tattoos? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

TOO’s Chan’s SoundCloud

to1 chan

We mentioned that Chan has a SoundCloud account where he often shares his rap songs. He created a lot of rap songs, wrote the lyrics by himself along with the crew, and created the beats by himself along with the crew. Let’s see some of the songs produced by Chan!

This is a song titled “Tekbae” which means a delivery service in Korea. It’s crazy how Chan could easily make a song based on a delivery man!

You can take a listen to other songs by Chan on his SoundCloud account, which you can find here!

Although he hasn’t released a new song after his debut with TOO, hopefully, Chan will be coming back with new songs soon!


Congratulations! Now you have learned a lot about one more talented K-pop idol in the industry. Chan is really showing that even though he’s still young, he is capable of being the rapper, dancer, as well as producer of his group. TOO itself is still growing as a group, hopefully, they will be growing even bigger in the future and even meet you all in person. Which of Chan’s charms do you like best? Let us know your opinion in the comment section, please!