K-Drama Review: A Girl Dresses as a Boy and Attends an All-Boy School in ‘To the Beautiful You’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch To the Beautiful You


So, now we will tell the reasons why you should watch this drama.

  1. The simple yet comforting story: Even though the plot doesn’t have many conflicts in it, the drama is still comforting to watch because the simple story is so refreshing!
  2. The magnificent background sceneery: The background scenery of this drama is really various and very eye-catching. It really balances the simple plot.
  3. If you are an SM stan, this drama is made especially for you! As we have previously mentioned, the actors, actresses, and the soundtrack’s singers of this drama are mostly artists under SM Entertainment.
  4. The casts’ characters are really various. You can even see Song Jong-min jealous of Goo Jae-hee, who becomes closer to Cha Eun-gyul, whereas, Cha Eun-gyul is a boy.
  5. Many good-looking actors that will attract you. For women, this drama will make you feel at home watching the drama for a long time.

That was all for the information about the drama¬†To the Beautiful You, don’t forget to give your thoughts on the comment section below!