Here are Tips and Trick of Her Secret Beauty Skincare Method, Revealed by Go Hyun-jung!

The Beautiful Actress Go Hyun-jung

Go Hyun-jung is an actress that’s famous for her youthful looks. Born in 1971, she still has flawless skin like a youngsters, even without make up. It turns out Go Hyun-jung has her own methods and secrets for her skincare routine. Because of the popularity of her skincare method, Go published a book titled Go Hyun-jung’s Texture, in 2012. The book become a best seller, selling out in two days. In the book, she not only explains about the method, but she also talks about her everyday lifestyle for maintaining a healthy life.

In addition to her book, Go Hyun-jung also has a cosmetics brand, named KoY Cozmetic. Her goal with the brand is to help people have a good quality product, rather than just selling a lot. One of her products is Innertune Nokka Serum. This serum is inspired by her own experiences with bad skin while filming in Europe. To relieve stress from her skin, she uses Nokyoo, deer antler oil, to moisturize and strengthen her skin from a deep cleanse. The formula works perfectly, and became a product of her brand.

So, wanna have youthful skin like her, too? Here are her tips and tricks!

Facial Hair Method

Wash your face following the texture of your fine hairs. Fine hairs are the small hairs on your face. This method also used when you are putting on moisturizer. Follow your fine hairs to maintain the consistency. First, wash your face with warm water to open the pores. Mix foaming cleanser with warm water and make a blob of foam about the size of egg. Then, wipe the bottom of the chin clean with the back of the hand. But, when rubbing or cleansing your face, do it against the direction of your hair. This method will help you to prevent skin aging.


Cleansing Method

Before washing your face, don’t forget to wash your hands first, and make sure your hands don’t touch your face! When you wash your face, Go Hyun-jung recommends cleansing from behind your ears to the jawline area, and then to the face. The part of your face you should clean first is the T-zone area (forehead and nose). After cleansing the T-zone area, the next step is cleansing U-zone area (cheek). The T-zone area must be done first, because this area tend to be  more oily than U-zone area. Also, because the U-zone area is drier, you have to make sure that the area isn’t being exposed to the cleanser for too long. More importantly, you should wash in an inward direction to help pores more effectively. Using this method, Go Hyun-jung only takes 15 minutes to wash her face.


Two Step Masks

Use a two-step mask every week. The first step is using a mask booster, to prime the skin. Next, use a sheet mask with serum to help nourish the skin. Keep doing this routine every week to make your skin look dewy and radiant.


Treating Breakouts

Having breakouts? bathe your pimples with salted, lukewarm water to help sanitize the acne, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection. Also, don’t touch your acne with bare hands!


Applying Skincare Products

Skincare products should be applied from the center of the face, outwards. Before putting skincare products on your face, you should warm them on your hands, then press both hands to your face, to make sure the product is absorbed into your skin. Throw your skincare products out after two months to maintain hygiene. For the neck , start from beside your jawline and then towards your neck with ‘C-Shape’ motion.


Healthy Lifestyle

Go Hyun-jung maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, and avoids salty and spicy foods. To suppresses her appetite, Go Hyun-jung drinks grapefruit tea. In the winter, she also never turns on the heater, because it makes her skin drier.


Avoid Wrinkles

Go Hyun-jung didn’t believe anti-aging products will help reduce the wrinkles completely. So, for her, there are two kinds of wrinkles: horizontal wrinkles and ear wrinkles. Horizontal wrinkles are caused by making facial expressions and using muscles. They can be prevented by stretching the facial muscles, gently alleviating the facial muscles, and gently making facial expressions. It means so much to manage the horizontal wrinkles!

Those are the tips and tricks for your skincare routine from Go Hyun-jung! Are you ready to try it today?