Tiny-G’s Mint: Profile, Facts, and Solo Activities

tiny g mint profile

Everything You Need to Know about a K-Pop Idol from Thailand, Tiny G’s Mint’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Career Journey, Etc.

Tiny-G (Hangul: 타이니 지) is a girl group that debuted in 2012 with 4 members as their original lineup which is famous in South Korea. This girl group that debuted under GNG Production is a K-pop group that is also famous for their singles, such as “Tiny-G,” “Minimanimo,” “Miss You,” and “Ice Baby.” Tiny-G also means that they are a girl group that has members around the same height, which is 153 cm, but they can prove that they are powerful enough to break the K-pop industry and start their careers.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail one of the members of Tiny-G who came from Thailand, which is Mint. Let’s check out this article below to get to know more about Tiny-G’s Mint’s full profile, fun facts, career, and her latest news!

Full Profile of Tiny-G’s Mint

tiny g mint profile

Real Name : Kunpat Phonpawiworakun (กุญช์ภัสส์ พรปวีณ์วรกุล)

Stage Name : Mintty (Hangul: 민티), formerly Mint (Hangul: 민트)

Birth : Bangkok, Thailand, June 23rd, 1994

Star Sign : Cancer

Height : 150 cm (4’11”)

Blood Type : O

Nationality : Thai

Position in the group : Main Dancer and Lead Rapper

Official Site : Instagram ( @mintkunpat )

Facts about Tiny-G’s Mint

tiny g mint profile
  1. Tiny-G’s Mint speaks 3 languages: Thai, Korean, and English
  2. Tiny-G’s Mint started dancing when she was 5 years old and became a backup singer for Thailand’s most famous singer, Thongchai McIntyre, at the age of 11
  3. Tiny-G’s Mint showed her dancing skills and was noticed by JYP Entertainment and GNG Production
  4. Tiny-G’s Mint chose to join GNG Production, an agency that debuted her with Tiny-G in Korea
  5. Tiny-G’s Mint debuted with the girl group on August 3, 2012, with their single “Tiny-G”
  6. Tiny-G’s Mint went to an international school in Korea
  7. Tiny-G’s Mint is now a former member of Tiny-G and also the subunit Tiny-G M which was promoted in Thailand
  8. Tiny-G’s Mint participated in The Unit and was eliminated when she was in 38th place
  9. Tiny-G’s Mint participated in a cover dance contest in an annual Korean festival in Thailand called Snowy Korea held in 2009
  10. Tiny-G’s Mint signed onto a new agency, JSL Company, on April 7, 2016
  11. Tiny-G’s Mint debuted as a soloist on April 16, 2016, under the new stage name Mintty and released a debut single titled “Already Go Lady”
  12. Tiny-G’s Mint joined the cast of the web drama titled The Idolmaster KR in 2017
  13. Tiny-G’s Mint is in a relationship with a Thai executive producer and director named Turk Kaljareuk
  14. Tiny-G’s Mint has her own entertainment company named M.Flow Entertainment
  15. Tiny-G’s Mint has debuted her own girl group called Mini Heart

Debut with Tiny-G

tiny g mint profile

Tiny-G had a very different concept from other K-pop girl groups that debuted in 2012. They preferred a concept that shows playful and energetic choreography on their debut with the same title song. This girl group, which had an original lineup of 4 members, also had one member, which is Tiny-G’s Mint, who successfully debuted as an idol who came from Thailand.

Tiny-G’s Mint had a unique appearance, boyish and also beautiful. Besides that, she was also in charge of being the main dancer of the group can do b-boying as well. Not all K-pop female idols had the same talent as Tiny-G’s Mint at the time.

tiny g mint profile

Tiny-G is a girl group that debuted in 2012 and released an album of the same name as the group. In its early debut, Tiny-G had four members named Dohee, J.Min, Mint, and Myeong Ji. But in mid-2014, Myeong-ji decided to leave and focus on her acting career. This girl group from GNG Production had 4 members then changed formation to 3 members with the name Tiny-G. They are also known as “Little Giant” according to their name “Tiny” which means “Little” and “G (Giant).” The members had very cute appearances that were also tomboyish.

Before their debut, Tiny-G appeared on MBC Show’s Show Champion on April 24, 2012, with a single titled “Polaris” which was a gift from soloist Jay Park and actress Lee Si-young that was given at MBC’s Music and Lyric and became the most searched single in 2012.

Tiny-G on August 23, 2012, made their debut by releasing their first single with the same name as the group, “Tiny-G,” and they made their first stage debut on the music show M! Countdown.

In early 2013, Tiny-G released their latest single, “Minimanimo” (Hangul: 미니 마니 모). This song tells about a girl who breaks up with a man, but the girl has difficultly forgetting about the man. In the cheerful music video concept, the members look very beautiful and playful while wearing colorful jumpsuits that look very cute with their individual images.

The third single from Tiny-G entitled “Miss You” (Hangul: 보고 파) also shows a new, fresh, and more feminine concept as the members are seen wearing very trendy outfits with cat-like motifs on their long socks and panther costume that was worn by Tiny-G’s Mint. The petite girls, who have an average height of 153 cm, added a new flair to their comeback this time with a more feminine and sexy appearance.

In June 2014, their agency GNG Production announced that one of their members, Myungji, officially left ahead of their comeback to focus on acting, and in the end, they made a comeback as a trio group on July 3, 2014, with a single titled “Ice Baby.” This music video is also Tiny-G’s last comeback before they finally decided to part ways and disband. In “Ice Baby,” we can see the dreamy-like concept and girlfriend material of each member which looks very cute.