Profile of Min Do-hee: Former Member of Tiny-G Turned Actress

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Everything You Should Know About Former Tiny G Member And Lead Vocalist Min Do-hee!

Tiny G (Hangul: 타이니지) was a South Korean girl group that made their debut in 2012 under GNG Production. This girl group had 4 members in the original lineup, such as Myung-ji, Mint, Do-hee, and J.Min. They were given the name Tiny G because the average height of the members was under 153 cm and the name also holds the hidden meaning ‘Tiny Giant’, because even though they are small, they have a strong appearance and are fierce like giants.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of Tiny G, Min Do-hee, also known as Tiny G’s Do-hee. Don’t miss out on any of the information about Tiny G’s Do-hee, starting from her full profile to her fun facts and her career journey, provided in this article below.

Full Profile of Min Do-hee

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Real Name: Min Do-hee (Hangul: 민도희)

Stage Name: Do-hee (Hangul: 도희)

Place and Date of Birth: Yeocheon City, Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, September 25th, 1994

Star Sign:  Libra

Height: 150cm (4’11”)

Weight: 39 kg

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Family Members: Parents and an older brother


  • Museon Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Museon Middle School
  • Booyoung Girls’ High School -> Sillim High School
  • Seoul Comprehensive Arts and Practical School (Practical Music Arts/Graduation)

Active Period: Tiny G (2013–2015)

Official Site: Instagram (@mdh0925)

Facts About Min Do-hee

min do hee tiny g actress profile
  1. Tiny G’s Do-hee’s shoes size is 215 mm
  2. Tiny G’s Do-hee’s nicknames are Jeong Dae-man, Jo Yoo-jin, Jjokkomi, Ddo-ee
  3. Tiny G’s Do-hee used to be a fan of SS501, and it is said that among the members, she was a fan of Heo Young-saeng when she was in elementary school
  4. Tiny G‘s Do-hee appeared on the red carpet of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival with actor Nam Goong-won in July 2014
  5. Tiny G’s Do-hee narrated tvN’s Sammura Romance in February 2014
  6. Tiny G’s Do-hee debuted as an actress after her promotion with the group ended
  7. Tiny G’s Do-hee won the Best New Actress Award and the Best New Couple Award (with Kim Sungkyun) in 2014 for her appearance in the movie Reply 1994
  8. Tiny G’s Do-hee went to Astro‘s concert and decided to become a fan of them
  9. Tiny G’s Do-hee has also released a soundtrack for several dramas, such as Cunning Single Lady (2014) featuring J.Min titled “Mirror Mirror” and Reply 1994 (2013) titled “Destiny”
  10. Tiny G’s Do-hee has a specialty in swordsmanship and trained for a long time

Min Do-hee’s Debut with Tiny-G

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Dohee debuted as a member of Tiny G with the release of the single “Polaris” in May 2012. At the time of their debut, they were a hot topic as a girl group with an average height of 153 cm. However, as a singer, she did not have much spotlight during her debut era.

Tiny G’s Dohee is one of the members who got a pretty good promotion in this group. A year after debuting, Tiny G’s Dohee was featured in another member J.Min’s work, to be released as a K-drama soundtrack on March 12th, 2014, titled “Mirror Mirror”. They also promoted mainly in Thailand, where Tiny G’s Dohee had a chance to be featured in Thai artist Natthew’s work, and released a subunit single titled “The Only One”.

A few years later, Tiny G seemed to be out of it as they hadn’t made any comebacks or promotions until the group’s official fan page on the GNG website has been removed, which was seen as proof that it was only Dohee who is still featured on the company’s website. Other people and fans assumed that Tiny G were already disbanded at that time.

On April 16th, 2017, Dohee made an appearance in King of Masked Singer as her solo promotion after the group unofficially disbanded.

Min Do-hee’s Solo Activity

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Controversy over refusal to promote Tiny G is a hot topic. Ilgan Sports as one of the Korean media stated, “After Dohee debuted as an actress, she practically left her heart from singing. It seems that she has completely abandoned her desire to be active in Tiny G.”

They continued, “Another official also confirmed Dohee’s departure. Everyone here knows that Dohee only wants to act. I know that she is keeping her distance from the Tiny G members as well. After rising as an actress, some people even say that she has changed.”

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Tiny G decided to disband the team at first, but Mint and J.Min, the current members of Tiny G, are continuing their activities in Thailand separately, so they did not announce the disbandment to the outside world.

It was her acting appearance, not her singing, that made Dohee’s name known, especially her appearance in the tvN drama Reply 1994, which aired from October 2013. In the play, she took on the role of Jo Yoon-jin, a rich Jeolla dialect, and won the love of viewers. Her romance with Kim Seong-gyun, who was 14 years old at the time, also drew attention.

min do hee tiny g actress profile

The controversy is expected to continue as Dohee made the decision after her success in a situation where the contract period with Tiny G’s agency had not expired.

min do hee tiny g actress profile

Min Do-hee is recently known as an actress who has starred in several K-Dramas, movies, and TV shows. Check out the list below so you can get to know more about her appearances!

K-Dramas/TV Shows
Title TV Station Role Year
Reply 1994  tvN Jo Yoojin 2013
Mother’s Garden MBC Ha Rira 2014
Bording House #24 MBC Herself 2014
Naeil’s Cantabile KBS2 Choi Min-hee 2014
Hogu’s Love tvN Schoolgirl [Ep. 2] 2015
Mom MBC Gong Soon 2015
Mrs. Temper & Nam Junggi  JTBC Emily [Junggi’s neighbor] 2016
Entertainer SBS Luna 2016
Mirror of the Witch JTBC Soon Deuk 2016
Girls’ Generation 1979 KBS2 Shim Aesook 2017
Longing Heart OCN Jang Sora 2018
My ID is Gangnam Beauty  JTBC Oh Hyunjung 2018
Clean With Passion For Now JTBC Min Jooyun 2018
IN-SEOUL JTBC Kang Dami 2019
Jo Mi Ryo channel Jo Miryo 2019
4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas Naver TV Cast Kang Dami 2019
365: Repeat The Year MBC Min Jooyoung 2020
How To Buy A Friend KBS2 Choi Mira 2020
IN-SEOUL: Season 2 JTBC Kang Dami 2020
Title Role Year
Tunnel 3D Supporting role 2014
Perfect Proposal Yoomi 2015
Daddy You, Daughter Me Bae Jinyoung 2017
Fisherman Supporting role 2020

Well, that was all the information about former Tiny G member Min Do-hee that you should know. Let’s continue to give support and love to Min Do-hee who is currently pursuing a career as an actress and hopefully, her career can shine even brighter in the future.

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