Everything You Need to Know About Korean Hip-Hop Legend Tiger JK

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About Tiger JK

Tiger JK is one of the most popular rappers in South Korea under the auspices of Feel Ghood Music. He debuted on July 27th, 1995, with the album Enter the Tiger and has since produced many songs as he is also a record producer and entrepreneur.

Tiger JK who is also known as Drunken Tiger was born on July 29th, 1974, and his birth name is Seo Jungkwon (서정권). Tiger JK also has an English name, Michael Seo. His height is 180 cm (5ft 10in) so he is quite tall. His blood type is O.

If you are following social media, you can follow Tiger JK by the username DrunkenTigerJK both on Twitter and Instagram. He is very active on Instagram and often posts about his latest activities. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the Drunken Tiger often jabbers about any random thing.

Tiger JK’s Musical Career

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1995 – 2005: Early career as Drunken Tiger

As Tiger JK’s father had a connection with the CEO of Oasis Records, Tiger JK released his first solo album, Enter The Tiger in 1995, but the album got little airplay due to the explicit content.

After that, in 1998, Tiger JK returned to the United States and founded a group Drunken Tiger teamed up with DJ Shine. The group debuted in South Korea and they became popular with their first album, Year of the Tiger, which included the hit songs, “I Want You” and “Do You Know Hip-hop,” in spite of their explicit lyrics and the group’s rejection of mainstream music trends.

Over the next several years, Drunken Tiger brought on new members and released multiple albums, winning numerous awards. Founding member DJ Shine left the group in 2005.

2006-2013: Creation of Jungle Entertainment and collaborations

In 2006, Tiger JK left Oasis Records and established his own hip-hop label, Jungle Entertainment. The label represented Drunken Tiger, and prominent Korean rappers Yoon Mi-rae and Leessang were among the artists to join the label over the next few years.

Tiger JK continued to release music with Drunken Tiger over the next few years, while also collaborating with other artists. In 2012, he was featured in “Let This Die,” a single by Brian Joo of the R&B duo Fly to the Sky. That same year, he was featured in “Wicked,” a song by the new K-Pop girl group Fiestar.

2013-present: Founding MFBTY and Feel Ghood Music

In 2013, Tiger JK teamed up with Yoon Mi-rae and Bizzy to form the group MFBTY, an acronym for “My Fans are Better Than Yours.” Soon after, he left Jungle Entertainment and founded a new label, Feel Ghood Music, which now releases MFBTY’s music.

Tiger JK’s Personal Life

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In 2000, Tiger JK was arrested due to using methamphetamine in Korea, together with the members of the Korean hip-hop group Uptown who were also arrested on drug charges. Tiger JK said that, though he had used drugs in the past, he had not used them in Korea, and he said that he was ultimately found guilty due to false testimony from the members of Uptown. He spent a month and a half in jail and was given two years probation.

In 2006, Tiger JK was diagnosed with acute transverse myelitis, a spinal cord condition that affects motor functions. Due to his disease, Tiger JK was hospitalized and took a two-year hiatus from performing. As of 2014, he continued to take medication to treat the condition.

Tiger JK’s Marriage

tiger jk and yoon mirae

Tiger JK tied the knot with Yoon Mi-rae in June 2007. Their wedding ceremony was held privately in a Buddhist temple. A year later after their marriage, in March 2008, Yoon Mi-rae gave birth to their child, a son named Jordan.

In an interview, they revealed that they had been dating for seven years before finally getting married. But, their relationship did not gain much attention from the public as they were not so popular. They also said that they were not celebrating their anniversaries as they think that it’s not important and they often forget about the date when their relationship began.

The couple also shared about their painful past when they got scammed. Tiger JK said that it was completely premeditated fraud. They were completely scammed before their eyes. They were very slumped at that time as they had no money, but somehow they had to get their meals. That was the reason why Tiger JK teamed up with Bizzy for MFBTY. It’s not so much a gain as a start. But he is happy to still be able to do music. Also, he and his wife can sleep comfortably without any qualms in their conscience.