Throwback To SHINee’s Debut Song, ‘Replay’

Debut Album Details


As already noted, Replay was released on May 22, 2008. All of the songs on the album were in Korean, and were a blend of R&B, pop, and dance music. Since the album only had a total of five songs, its running time was about 18:50 minutes. Here’s the full track list for the mini album Replay:

Title Song Writer Duration
Reply (Older Girl Is So Pretty) Young H. Kim 03:35
In My Room Young H. Kim 04:47
Real Kim Jung-bae 03:33
Love Should Go On  Lee Yun-jae 03:07
Replay (Boom Track) Young H. Kim 04:28


The mini album also hit number 10 on the in album charts, then moved up to the 8th rank. Since it was first released, Replay has sold more than 17.957 copies!

And here’s an unboxing video of SHINee’s mini album, Replay!


Difference between the Korean and Japanese Versions


Replay’s single was made into two versions. The first one was the Korean version, which was followed by a Japanese version. There are a few differences between the two version, check it out.

First, we’re going to talk about Replay’s Korean version. The Korean version used f(x)’s Victoria as the lead model. Meanwhile, in the Japanese version, they used Girls’ Generation’s Yoona as the lead model in their music video.


In each of music videos, there are also some differences! In Replay’s Korean music video, we could see the earlier concept of SHINee, where they showed us the SHINee Trend with their colorful fashion style, and we could also watch how all of the members were showing off their ways to gain the attention the lead model in the music video.

Meanwhile, in the Japanese music video, SHINee used a fresher and brighter concept, which was evidenced in their fashion style, the background, and their hairstyles!


SHINee’s Latest News


So what has SHINee been up to lately?

Not long ago, SHINee celebrated their 11th anniversary as a group! Through his Instagram account, Key shared his happiness about their 11th anniversary. SHAWOLs all around the world were also celebrating the big day, with the #SHINee11thAnniversary as a trending topic in worldwide Twitter.

Some of the SHINee’s members, such as Minho, Onew, and Key were fulfilling their military service on the big day. Moreover, Minho has proudly joined the Navy! Since getting the chance to enter the Navy is quite hard, it was such a big achievement for Minho!

SHINee's Minho

Meanwhile, since Taemin hasn’t joined the military yet, he’s been focusing on his solo career with the album Want. He will reportedly be performing in SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Dome this coming August!

SHINee's Taemin

Well, that was our throwback session with SHINee! Even though some of the members have been focusing their activities in military service, as fans we have to keep supporting them and patiently wait for another project from SHINee!

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