Throwback To SHINee’s Debut Song, ‘Replay’


Let’s Throwback With SHINee Through ‘Replay’

We’re calling all of the SHAWOLs out there! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, SHAWOL is the official fandom of SHINee, one of the biggest South Korean boy-groups under SM Entertainment. They made their debut in 2008 through the hit single Replay, and in this article, Channel Korea invites you to a special throwback with SHINee’s hit single Replay, so stay tuned!

Since they debuted in 2008, SHINee has been successfully entertaining fans from all around the world. Since the release of Replay, followed by the group’s next famous singles, SHINee has proven that they were going to become one of the hugest South Korean boy-groups. In this article we will be reminiscing about the euphoria of that first impressive hit, Replay!

SHINee’s Debut Schedule


SHINee was scheduled to have their debut on May 25th, 2008, performing their hit single Replay through SBS Inkigayo. Replay was also the name of their first mini album, which was released on May 23th, 2008. The mini album consisted of six songs, Replay, In My Room, Real, Love Should Go On, and Replay remix version.

Right before their debut, SM Entertainment also shared some teasers to help get attention from potential fans. Let’s take a look at Replay’s teaser here:

SHINee's Taemin


SHINee's Jonghyun


SHINee's Key


SHINee's Minho


SHINee's Onew

From their first appearance, people fell in love with them. As time passed, SHINee was even considered to be fashion icons through their fashion style, “SHINee Trend“. The group also became famously known for their complicated yet unified dance moves! In the Replay music video, we can look at SHINee’s early concept, a group of boys with skinny jeans and sneakers who fall in love with an older girl, as you could see on their hit title, Replay (Noona Neomu Yeppeo)!

SHINee’s Debut Performance


Next, let’s take a look at SHINee’s performance when they debuted for the first time! With the single Replay, SHINee performed on several TV shows, such as SBS Inkigayo, Music Bank, Mnet! M Countdown, and many more. In their stage performances, SHINee showed us their SHINee Trend, through their fashion and style! In their early appearances, SHINee looked like a group of pure, sweet boys in their skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, colorful tops, and straight hair!

Here are some of SHINee’s early appearances while they were performing Replay:


And here’s a compilation of SHINee’s debut unforgettable moments!

Meaning of their Debut Song


What’s the meaning behind the Replay single? The song title was Replay, which also means Noona Neomu Yeppeo in the Korean language. Replay was also the hit single from their first mini album of the same name, with their unique concept, the adult female demographic, as people could see on the title translation ‘Noona, you’re so pretty,’.

In Replay, SHINee told a story about a guy who fell in love with an older woman. In Korea, a younger guy always calls an older woman the title of “Noona”, which also means sister.