The Transformation of AOA’s Seolhyun From A Sexy Girl To A Tomboy Will Shock You



Early in 2020, Seolhyun went to New York when she was invited one of the biggest events in the United States, namely New York Fashion Week 2020. Besides being a grand fashion event, New York Fashion Week also doubles as a meeting place for celebrities from all corners of the world.


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Seolhyun has the potential to reunite with Nam Goong-min for tvN’s new drama, Night and Day. She was offered the role of Gong Hye-won in the drama. Gong Hye-won is a member of the police at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who is known for being outspoken in conveying her thoughts. Not only that, she is known to do anything when she’s investigating a case. The news was later confirmed by FNC Entertainment, as the agency that oversees Seolhyun. “She got an offer to star in the drama and is now considering it,” said the agency.

If the negotiations go smoothly, then Night and Day will be Seolhyun’s newest screenplay project, after My Country: The New Age which aired in 2019, while for Nam Goong-min this will be a new drama after he finishes filming the drama Hot Stove League on 14 February 2020.

tvN is known to have approached Nam Goong-min and Han Ye-seul as the main cast of the drama in December 2019. Nam Goong-min will star in the drama as Do Jung-woo, a smart detective who is famous for being fashionable. Unfortunately, Han Ye-seul refused an offer to star in the character of an FBI agent named Jamie Layton. So, now the production team for the drama is still looking for the right actress to replace the Birth of a Beauty actress.

Combining the genres of romantic drama and mystery, Night and Day tells the story of the good and bad in life. The story is about the connection between an unsolved case in the present and the secret behind a mysterious incident in a village about 26 years ago.

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