Here Are Details About The Tragic Death Of First-Generation Idol Kim Sung-jae And The Aftermath



BTS members performed the song “As I Told You” at the end of the year music festival, 2016 MBC Music Festival. When performing this song, the appearance of BTS members was very memorable. What made this appearance even more special is that all the members wore hockey player-style clothes.



On the Immortal Song 2 music program that aired in 2016, VIXX members performed a song from the late Kim Sung-jae, “As I Told You.” VIXX members performed the song with perfect vocals and dance that impressed the whole studio with their performance.

Monsta X


In the Sugarman 2 program, MONSTA X was present with the senior group B1A4. Sugarman is a program that invites K-Pop singers to sing back old songs that have been lost in the public eye. The first artist featured was the late Kim Sung-jae. He debuted in 1990 as a member of the influential Korean hip-hop duo Deux. His singing career, through Deux and as a solo artist, was marked by several legendary hits that are still being re-sung by contemporary artists. Kim Sung-jae died in 1995 at the age of 23 (according to International calculations). Kim Sung-jae’s sister, Kim Sung-wook, was present at Sugarman 2, along with Jiny and Diva actress Lee Bon. Jiny was a backup dancer of Kim Sung-jae in the past, while Lee Bon was his childhood friend from middle school.

For their main performance to be chosen by the audience, Monsta X sang Kim Sung-jae’s solo debut song “As I Told You.” Perfect vocal and dance skills were displayed by Monsta X members in the song of the late Kim Sung-jae. They performed this song very well even though they were unable to compete with B1A4 with the song “Forever” by Choi Jin-young.

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