The Story of the Duo 1PUNCH From Brave Entertainment and Where They Are Now

1punch member

The Cool Duo 1Punch

Look at the two cuties in this picture, they are the duo 1Punch from Brave Entertainment. They first debuted on the 23rd of January, 2013, but they group only lasted a bit less than three years, disbanding on the 21st of September, 2015. Although they’re not together as a band anymore, we still enjoy their songs because they both members continued in the industry with solo careers. If you want to know more about who these performers are, keep reading.

All You Need To Know About 1Punch

samuel kim

The group had two members, Jung Jae-Won and Samuel Kim. Jung Jae-Won was known as One, and Samuel Kim was known as Punch, giving the duo its name, ‘One Punch’.

One, a.k.a Jung Jea-won, was born in South Korea on March 29, 1994. His body is very proportional, with a height of 176 cm and a weight of 54 kg. His position in the duo was as leader and rapper. His blood type is A.

Facts about Jung Jea-won

  • He is very shy person
  • His favorite actor is Big Sean
  • He is fluent on both Korean and Mandarin
  • He began his career as a singer in 2015
  • His favorite things about his face are his smile and his eyebrows
  • He’s close friends with Lee Hi and B.I(iKon)
  • He once participated on Show Me The Money 4, but he was eliminated in episode 6
  • He also participated again in the show’s 5th season and that time he went a little further, finishing in 10th place
  • He has 7 tattoos in his body
  • He loves acting so he began his career as an actor on the drama Hwayugi, which aired on TVn.
  • He is the second male soloist from YG Entertainment, after se7en
samuel kim

Samuel Kim, a.k.a Punch, was born in Los Angeles, California, in the US, on January 17th, 2002. He is not very tall,  only 160 cm, and weighs 42 kg. His position in the band is as maknae and main vocal.

Facts about Samuel Kim

  • He was born and bred in America, and is fluent in English
  • His nickname while he was young was Mr. Teeny’s Dad
  • Before his debut he was known as a member of Seventeen, but he left the band (Seventeen) in 2013
  • His background is Latin-Korean (that’s why he has a very cute face)
  • His favorite colors are green and blue
  • He really loves Chris Brown
  • His favorite foods are pizza, chocolate, and fried chicken
  • His favorite sport has been soccer ever since he was little

Life As Duo

The pair first met as trainees when they began their careers and joined Brave Entertainment. They first debuted on January 23, 2013, with their single Turn Me Back, from the single album The Anthem.

In 2015, they decided to end the band and start pursuing solo careers even though the band hadn’t been around very long. One was rumored to have joined YG Entertainment, while Samuel stayed with Brave Entertainment. After the rumor circulated for a while, Samuel addressed it and gave some clarification in an interview. He said that they were still friends but they can’t see each other because they are both very busy, however, they still support one another.

New Life New Single


Their careers have become successful even they aren’t together anymore. Samuel Kim launched his first solo single, Eye Candy, with his first EP, Sixteen. Before that, he joined the reality show Produce 101 season 2, giving him his first exposure to acting. Not only that, the following year he launched his second album, One. Many teenagers loved this album, and it did well both in Korea and Japan. He’s also done some soundtracks for movies.

Not only Samuel becomes a success in his solo career but his rival, One, has had his own success as a rapper and an actor. He’s well-known for appearing in fourth and fifth seasons of Show Me The Money, which led to him taking roles in Korean Odyssey (2017), Room No.9 (2018), and Her Private Life (2019). He released an album in 2017, called One Day, which was very successful. Currently, both men are preparing new projects, either in music or in acting.

We hope we can enjoy new songs this year, because it’s really great to listen to their new music, or dramas or movies, especially in the summer. We hope nothing but the best for each one of them.

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