The Story of Park Ji-hyo: Leader of Girl Group TWICE and Kang Daniel’s Girlfriend

Jihyo’s Latest News

As a celebrity, being followed by paparazzi is a natural thing. It’s true that K-pop idols such asĀ  Jihyo, sometimes have to deal with reporters and fansites following them to capture pictures or take videos of some moments. For example, when Twice has just arrived from some place in the airport, reporters and fansites would take a picture of them.

However, on December 8, 2019, Jihyo had to face a pitiful accident that was caused by the crowded people, including reporters and fansites, at the airport. It was so crowded and chaotic that Jihyo tripped over something and fell down. This accident made Jihyo’s leg hurt. Gladly, Chaeyoung and Sana were there to help her to stand and walk properly.


Following this accident, JYP Entertainment released a statement saying that they are ready to take a legal action if this kind of incident will happen again in the future. They also put the names of some fans that were causing the trouble and riot on a blacklist, and made them unable to contribute to further activities of Twice.

jihyo twice

Let’s hope that Jihyo and the rest of the Twice members will not find this kind of trouble again in the future! Fighting, Jihyo and Twice!