The Story of Ha Hyun-woo as a GUCKKASTEN Member and Heo Young-ji’s Boyfriend

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After a year of dating Heo Young-ji, their relationship foundered on February 18, 2019. This was stated by their agencies, Interpark Entertainment (Ha Hyun-woo’s agency) and DSP Entertainment (Heo Young-ji’s agency). Their romantic relationship broke up after about a year of dating, and the reason given is same one artist’s give in general, that was because of problems in each other’s fixed schedule and now they just want to be as a senior and junior. Let’s just hope and pray that they’ll find a mate for each other!

So this all about Ha Hyun-woo’s profile, as Young-ji’s boyfriend or as a band member. So, what do you think of him? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!