7 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Siblings Na-eun and Gun-hoo on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’

Different Charm from Other Cast

Every person has his own uniqueness and charm, including the children on the cast from ‘The Return of Superman.’ Na-eun is a favorite with many people. Besides being smart, She knows how to behave well and talk to strangers, and she also has shown her cute side several times, which is very adorable.
As well as Na-eun, Gun-hoo also has his own charm, especially the baby language that is his trademark on this show. He also has endless energy and will get very excited when he sees a bird, because he likes birds. This is what has made these siblings become increasingly loved by many people.

in the episode that aired on October 28, 2018, Park Joo-ho had a match and required him to leave for two weeks. Before their father left, Na-eun and her mother wrote messages of support on the shoes he would wear for the match later. Na-eun, who was not able to write, drew a heart and tried to write “Park Joo-ho, Dad”. Even though it was graffiti, it would make Park Joo-ho feel energized every time he saw it. Na-eun also provides support to her father’s team-mates so they get excited, and hopes they don’t get hurt.

On the day of his match, Na-eun and her mother came to cheer for her father. She shouted his father’s name several times and supported him with all her heart, and didn’t forget to support the uncles who were her father’s teammates. Gun-hoo supported his father from home and watched his father on television, because he is still too young.
When the first match was over, Na-eun waited for her father at the exit and she hugged him when she saw him. She also asked him to come home with her, but her father still had one more match the next day. At the time of their separation, Na-eun cried in her mother’s arms because she couldn’t go home with her father. She seriously loves and misses her dad.
The next day, she came back to her father’s next match and cheered him with all her heart. After the match ended, she waited for her father again by the exit gate, so they could go home together. Unlike the day before, this time Na-eun came home happy because she was finally able to go home with her father.

In the episode that aired on August 28, 2019, Na-eun came back to support her father. This time, Na-eun came with Si-an, whose dad is a teammate. Gun-hoo also came to support Park Jo-hoo that time. Not only coming as a supporter, Si-an played a role by accompanying his father upon entering the field. Gun-hoo and Na-eun were the ball-givers for the referee, to indicate that the match had begun, and they did a really good job.

They also cheered their father with all their hearts, even Gun-hoo, who is not yet fluent,  watched his father’s game very seriously, as if encouraging his father in his heart. Na-eun also supports and encourages the uncles of his father’s team because, according to her, the whole team needs to be supported, not just her father. What a kind, little daddy’s girl.
Certainly, many of us hope to have children or siblings like Na-eun and Gun-hoo. There are still many moments in ‘The Return of Superman’ about these siblings, that you should watch. Let’s continue to support and love their families, always!