7 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Siblings Na-eun and Gun-hoo on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’


Visiting Other Places Than Korea


Park Na-eun and Park Gun-hoo had an opportunity to go to Switzerland and spend time with their mother’s friend, Kaya. Together with their uncle, Kwang-hee, they traveled to Switzerland.

A little differently from the other episodes, in the episode that aired on June 23, 2019, Na-eun and Gun-hoo went to Switzerland, but their father, Park Joo-ho, didn’t go with them because he had a match he had to play in.

Gun-hoo was the first of the children to wake up and he looked happy seeing the uncle cameramen, and greeted them one by one with his baby language. Not long after, Na-eun also woke up, because of Gun-hoo’s noise. Like Gun-hoo, Na-eun also cheerfully greeted the cameraman staff, then they had breakfast with their mother’s friend, Kaya.

With uncle Kwang-hee, Na-eun and Gun-hoo took a walk inSwitzerland. They want to ride the cable car to see the beautiful scenery. But, because it was drizzling, all they could see when they got to the top was fog. Kwang-hee tried to keep Na-eun and Gun-hoo in a good mood, so they wouldn’t be disappointed.
The rain was getting heavier, making the three of them have to take shelter in a house that turned out to be a school. The teacher invited them to go in and attend the class. In the end, Na-eun and Gun-hoo were both received very warmly and became popular among the other students instantly. Even though Na-eun and Gun-hoo were younger than the average student there, both of them had lots of fun with the students.

Learning Various Cultures


Even though Na-eun and Gun-hoo just moved to Korea, they love their father’s country of origin. They also like Korean food, this was demonstrated when they were in Switzerland. They didn’t want to eat breakfast with bread, but ravenously ate dried seaweed instead of breakfast. Na-eun and Gun-hoo are also excited to learn something new, including various cultures.

In the episode that aired on February 10, 2019, Na-eun, Gun-hoo, and their father went take a special class to learn etiquette. Park Jo-hoo revealed it was because it hasn’t been long since Na-eun came to Korea, so she still wasn’t used to Korean honorifics or courtesy. He thought the class would be an opportunity for Na-eun to learn about it.

When they arrived, Na-eun and Gun-hoo were greeted warmly by Na-eun’s classmates at the kindergarten. They were all also dressed in nobleman’s outfits and looked very cute in the traditional clothes.
Gun-hoo seemed excited to join the class and started to run around. Seeing this, Na-eun warned him that he shouldn’t run here. The teacher soon arrived, and all the kids got quiet and nervous, including Gun-hoo.
The first lesson was how to introduce the true self, beginning with Na-eun. Initially, Na-eun introduced herself without honorifics, then the teacher showed her the way to introduce herself politely. A fast learner, Na-eun immediately fixed it and did it correctly, earning praise from her teacher.
The teacher also taught them how they should bow. The boys should put their right hand below the left one, and for girls, the opposite. Na-eun quickly followed the instructions correctly. She looked smiling and happy after getting praise from her teacher. When she was receiving lessons on how to say hello, Gun-hoo got bored and started to get out of his father’s lap, to approach the teacher. Seeing this, Park Joo-ho immediately hurried to prevent him and took him out of the classroom, because he was too noisy and would disturb the class.
The next lesson was reading, and the children who answered the four letters correctly would receive a snack as a reward. They began to try it, one by one, including Na-eun. Although she only guessed three correctly when it was her turn, she still passed and got a snack as her reward.
In her last lesson, the teacher asked who among the students know their father’s name. Na-eun was the first student to try to answer it, and she immediately answers, “it’s Park Joo-ho,” but her teacher confirms it and tells her how to name her father politely. Na-eun tried to answer according to the instructions of her teacher. She’s a really smart kid.