7 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Siblings Na-eun and Gun-hoo on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’


Meet Cutest Sibling Ever, Na-Eun and Gun-hoo

Famous through the South Korean reality-variety show ‘The Return of Superman’, Park Na-eun and Park Gun-hoo succeeded in capturing many people’s hearts while they were on this show, because of their intelligence and cuteness.
‘The Return of Superman’ is a reality-variety event where celebrity dads are required to care for their children for 48 hours without the help of anyone, including the wives. The wives leave the house to enjoy some relaxing time off. The wives are shown leaving the home before the 48 hours begins and come back to greet their family once the 48 hours have ended. During that 48 hour period, the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete, or the dads are exploring new activities with their kids. Occasionally celebrity friends of the dads will stop by to interact with the kids.


of course, it is really entertaining to see how fathers take care of their children, this event also shows how difficult it is for mothers to take care of the home, as well as take care of their children.

Let’s find out more about the siblings Na-eun and Gun-hoo in ‘The Return of Superman’!

Learning Other Languages Than Korean


Besides just because of her cuteness, Park Na-eun succeeded in amazing people with her intelligence, since she’s mastering four languages at a very young age. At the age of only four years (international age) and five years (Korean age) in 2019, Na-eun has mastered Korean, English, Spanish, and German.

In the first episode with this family, National soccer player Park Joo-ho introduced viewers to his wife Ana, from Switzerland, as well as his daughter, Na-eun or Eden (Na-eun’s English name), and his son Gun-hoo, also known as Asiel (Gun-hoo’s English name)! Park Joo-ho also revealed that he met his wife at a cafe in a European soccer stadium, as she was working part-time there. Ana became friends with Park Joo-ho and his younger brother until they started dating, and then they found out they were having a baby and got Na-eun. Two years later, Na-eun was a doting sister when Gun-hoo was born, in 2017.

In this episode, Ana explained that Na-eun mastered four languages, Na-eun spoke German for her mother, Korean for her father, English, and Spanish for her mother’s family, mostly with her grandmother. From there, Na-eun was dubbed a genius. Na-eun’s mother revealed that they are not pushing her too much to speak many languages, they’re just letting her learn naturally in their daily lives.

Ana also revealed the surprising fact that she was born in Argentina, so she can speak Spanish, German, English, French, and Korean, she also understands Italian. In total she can speak six languages. Now we know how Na-eun learned so many languages.

Adventurous Gun-hoo


No less adorable than his sister, Park Gun-hoo is also quite interesting to many people, with his adorable behavior. Gun-hoo is easily awed by things he sees, especially birds. He often wants to see things more closely, and gets really excited.

Gun-hoo often runs back and forth several times because he feels energized, which makes  Na-eun and his father have to run to catch him.

In the episode that aired on June 9, 2019, Gun-hoo’s father revealed that Gun-hoo was very full of energy, so he invited his two children, Na-eun and Gun-hoo, to go to children’s gym classes. He thought Gun-hoo would be able to release more energy if he played with friends. We could see in various previous episodes that, no matter where Gun-hoo is, he is always energetic and to needs release his endless energy. Gun-hoo’s father brought him a place that suits him perfectly.

The first time Gun-hoo entered, he was immediately unnerved and started to release his energy even though the class hadn’t begun yet. Gun-hoo and Na-eun were vreally excited and joined the gym class really well, until Gun-hoo was asked to have a race with another kid, and the winner would get a hug from Na-eun. Before the race started, Gun-hoo was already really excited to run all around and accidentally bumped into another kid, which makes him fall. Although he looked fine, after that he was running a little differently than usual and couldn’t run straight. It meant that Gun-hoo lost the race and didn’t win the hug, but he was still happy and lively afterwards. Even after all the various activities at the gym, Gun-hoo still didn’t get tired, He didn’t stay still for a second.

Na-eun’s Popularity Among Other Cast


Not only managing to win the hearts of adults, Na-eun also won the hearts of other children in the cast of ‘The Return of Superman’. In previous episodes, Sung-jae and Si-an video called Na-eun. Sung-jae couldn’t stop staring at Na-eun during the call, and he said that he wanted to see Na-eun. It was even more adorable, because Na-eun is younger than Sung-jae and Si-an, which makes both of them want to always protect Na-eun. It’s very cute. Other children also liked Na-eun and they  became close to each other.

In the episode that aired January 13, 2019, all of the fathers and children were gathering together. At first, only Sung-jae, William, and Bentley came, knowing that was the day Sung-jae would see Na-eun,. He was very excited and looking forward to Na-eun’s arrival, because he couldn’t wait to meet her.

Not long after that, Na-eun, Gun-hoo, and their father arrived and Sung-jae was very happy. He immediately called to Na-eun and presented a gift he he’d made her. Unfortunately, Na-eun was still shy and didn’t take Sung-jae’s gift. He wouldn’t give up and kept on asking her to talk and be friends. Eventually, Si-an and his twin sister arrived and Na-eun suddenly started smiling after seeing Si-an.

Because it would be Si-ha’s last episode, William and Bentley’s father, Sam Hammington, suggest to the fathers that they make a surprise event for them. To put it together they needed flowers and cake, so Si-an asked who he wanted to team up with, and he answered Sung-jae. When Sung-jae was asked who he wanted to team up with, he sasid Na-eun. Then Si-an, Sung-jae, and Na-eun became a team to get the cake from the help desk.

The most memorable moment was when both Sung-jae and Si-an helped Na-eun put on her shoes; they were really taking good care of her. After that, Sung-jae even held Na-eun’s hands. Seeing that, Si-an said that he wanted to hold Na-eun’s hand, too. Sung-jae even carried Na-eun’s clutch, and they went to get their cake while holding hands.

Adorable Sibling Interaction


Having siblings is certainly a pleasant thing; look at the interaction of these two siblings, which is very adorable. Sometimes play and joke with each other, sometimes they also fight but, in the end, they protect each other. That’s especially true for Na-eun, who is Gun-hoo’s sister. She tries very hard to understand Gun-hoo, because he is still too young to understand many things. There were many interactions between the two, which were caught on camera in the program ‘The Return of Superman’.

In the episode that aired on June 2, 2019, Na-eun, Gun-hoo, and their father went camping and played around in the park. Suddenly, Na-eun saw a tiger, which was actually her father wearing a tiger costume. In his interview, her father said that lately he’s often been reading the story ‘The Sun and The Moon’, and Na-eun mentioned several times that she’d protect Gun-hoo. Park Joo-ho wanted to see if she’d really protect Gun-hoo.

When Na-eun first saw the tiger, she looked confused but still greeted the tiger well. She asked the tiger “Who are you?”. Na-eun even showed the tiger their tent. But she suddenly remembered the story of ‘The Sun and The Moon’, where the tiger shows up in their mother’s clothes. The tiger said that he borrowed their father’s pants, and it started to make Na-eun a little scared.
Then the Tiger said, “I won’t eat you if you give me rice cakes”. Hearing this, Na-eun tried to trick the tiger by giving it onions, but he didn’t fall for it. After that, the tiger said that he would bring Gun-hoo instead. Na-eun answered “If I don’t have a little brother, then my mom can’t meet with Gun-hoo.” When the tiger started calling Gun-hoo’s name and approached Gun-hoo, Na-eun came over to protect her brother. With tears in her eyes, she told the tiger, “You can’t take Gun-hoo away.” She also took all the bananas she had and gave them to the tiger, and told him to leave. Before the tiger left, Na-eun said proudly, “My dad is Park Joo-ho, you will be in trouble when my dad comes,” and after the tiger left, Na-eun asked Gun-hoo, “Gun-hoo, are you okay?”. She really cares about her little brother.


In the episode that aired September 1, 2019, Park Joo-ho gave Gun-hoo a surprise. Because Gun-hoo really likes birds, but they can’t keep a bird in the house, Park Joo-ho bought him a bird toy, instead. The toy was shaped like a parrot and was able to mimic the surrounding sounds and to react when touched. Of course, these features made Gun-hoo curious and excited to play with it.

Hearing the parrot’s voice, Na-eun came and they played together with the parrot. When they played chase, Na-eun, who initially chased Gun-hoo, instead got engrossed in playing with the cameramen and was also busy taking care of the toy parrot cage.
Looking sad because Na-eun doesn’t want to play with him, Gun-hoo went into the room and played by himself. Soon Na-eun came over to Gun-hoo with snacks and gave him her snacks in a romantic way, which made him feel better.

After lunch, they went to see real birds at the parrot cafe. The cafe had many different parrots and they were all uncaged, so people can freely interact with the birds.

When Gun-hoo arrived, he was very excited and started playing with the birds, but he didn’t dare touch them. He even tried to feed the birds and to communicate with them in his baby language.
While Gun-hoo and Na-eun were busy playing with birds, their father went back to wearing a costume and disguised himself as a parrot. This time, Joo-ho asked Na-eun about what’s troubling her these days. She didn’t know it was her father, and responded that Gun-hoo gives her a hard time, because lately he doesn’t listen to her, and he hither several times. Hearing this, her father tells Na-eun to try to understand Gun-hoo because he’s still young.