The Sexy and Talented Rapper Jessi: From Her Profile to Her Latest News

Jessi on Unpretty Rapstar

jessi rapper

In the 2nd episode of “Unpretty Rapstar”, Jessi showed her honest, blunt, straightforward dissing rap about what she had to say to the other contestants. She spit out to the group meetings about whatever criticism she had to people’s faces, and that made Block B’s Zico gawk. Here is the moment when she wanted speak out something!

Here is the 4th episode of “Unpretty Rapstar” when Jessi met Lil Cham in a diss battle. It was passed around in multiple gif sets that went viral through fans!

Here is the 5th episode of “Unpretty Rapstar”, when Jessi met Kisum in a diss battle!

She showed herself to be a badass in a good way, and also her brutal honesty through “Unpretty Rapstar”. One of the reasons “Unpretty Rapstar” became a huge success was because of Jessi and vice versa. Here is her teamwork battle with Jidam in its 6th episode!

She was chosen as the second-place winner of the survival show by audience vote. “Unpretty Rapstar” was definitely a good move for her, she obviously turned out to be very successful as a rapper.

jessi rapper

Here is her excellent rap song performance, “My Type”, with Kangnam and Cheetah that went viral!

Check Out Jessi Speaking English!

jessi rapper

Everyone who knows or has ever watched “Unpretty Rapstar” knows that Jessi speaks English fluently since she’s a native speaker. Here are several videos that we want to show you when Jessi’s speaking English!

jessi rapper

Here is when Jessi spoke about her past group “Lucky J” while speaking English fluently on Arirang’s “After School Club”!

Here is the video of showing Jessi speaking Korean-English (Konglish) fluently with famous Youtuber Dave!

Here is when she incredibly sang Rihanna’s “Stay” with her deep voice!

On September 17, 2014, when she appeared on Arirang’s “After School Club”, she was asked to sing the song requested by her fans through the “Juke Box” session.

She also greeted her fans through her Instagram Live by switching Korean and English when she spoke about South Korean popular boy-band BTS!

And she also tried to translate from Korean to English and vice versa to her fans about what she wanted to say through her Instagram Live on July 30, 2017.