Are You Curious About The Secret of the Sistar Diet Plan?


Sistar Members Diet Plan

It’s a necessity that every girl group member must have a good body, especially the former “sexy” girl group, SISTAR who keep their body shape by dieting. This time we will share their personal plan to keep their fit body. They revealed, “We eat anything we want but also vigorously work out to maintain our bodies. Rather than viewing yoga, running, or dancing as exercise, we view it as just having fun and we burn calories by always staying active.”

SISTAR’s Soyou Diet Plan

Soyou is known as one of the idols who has the sexiest and healthiest body. But nobody knows what she goes through to get the body she wants. Once she said “I worked out like crazy and did not eat much. I woke up in the morning and did yoga until I fell asleep. I did weight training, cardio, and running repeatedly.”

She revealed in a radio show that she lost 8 kg within one month. She got an amazing transformation by only eating 4 quail eggs without the yolk, salad without any dressing and she drank a cup of low fat milk. She doesn’t eat snacks and she only eats one small meal and one big meal and she doesn’t eat after 7 p.m .

“No salty foods, eat healthy foods such as protein, fruits and vegetables with a lot of water and chicken breasts. Also don’t forget drink a lot of water to ease the hunger and drink vitamins. ” She said during the interview.

She also said that it’s very important to exercise regularly to maintain your body shape. Usually she would place her hands flat on the wall and raise her leg backwards and would sit on an invisible chair against the wall to tighten her legs. The light workout makes her body line come out well while performing on stage. She explained that because her group is known for their sexy summer image, it helps her to motivate herself to maintain her perfect body shape for their comeback and their fans.
“When we are scheduled to release a new album it’s usually in summer time. My body reacts automatically. I find myself vigorously exercising when it’s summer time and I tell everyone that I’m going to go on diet. Dance practice also helps a lot to maintain my body shape.”

Diet Advise from SISTAR’s Hyorin


The main vocal and leader of SISTAR is one of the sexiest female idols. She revealed her secret for dieting in one of her interviews. She said that people shouldn’t be too stressed out because of dieting. Because when they stress out, they will think more about food and became antsy. When we have a peaceful heart, it help us when we are dieting. Second, work out every day! Even it’s only 5 minutes. Just a couple of times, it’s prove to keep an effective long term image.

“Usually when I promoted, I would go to the gym to have training, but these days I can’t. So, I usually just workout at home. There are tons of workouts you can do at home with a simple mat. Even if you repeat simple moves consistently, you can refine your muscles and tighten your body line.” she explained.

She suggests that if you are on a diet, you should try to cut back your food and try to sleep a little more. Sleep helps us to hold our hunger because when we sleep we don’t feel hungry. But she said that she doesn’t like dieting because when she singing at a high note it will make her body shiver. She sings with her stomach so she must eat well. She gave an additional tip to cut down on eating snacks. “If we stop eating snacks, we will start losing weight” she said.

SISTAR’s Bora No Food Diet

The rapper of SISTAR, Bora revealed her secret to having a beautiful body shape. In one of the TV Shows in Korea, she said that she thought when she had a empty stomach it would help her to lose weight.

“We can’t be on a diet 365 days all the time. When it comes the time for me to diet, especially when we were on comeback, I would starve myself and only eat one meal between 5-6 pm. After that I wouldn’t eat anything” she stated.

She is also afraid of drinking water because when she felt like even a little water goes into her body, she would gain weight. It was the wrong kind of diet she thinks, and now she would eat everything like rice,bread, and noodles.

SISTAR’s Dasom Cucumber Diet

SISTAR’s Dasom revealed that she has tried a variety kind of diet plan such as herbal medicines, shakes, detoxes and all of it . She also revealed that she tried starving herself to lose weight. “In order to lose weight in a short period of time, starvation is the most effective” she said when she appeared in one variety show.

She also has experienced the “one meal diet”. She lost 10 kg in three weeks by using this method. She only ate cucumber. Cucumber consists mostly of water but high amounts of calcium and it is extremely low in calories. Sometimes she woud combined it with cherry tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables, and toss in a salad.

However, She also stated that she wouldn’t recommend such an extreme diet because it can cause complications in your body.

The SISTAR member also revealed the best features of their bodies. Soyou showed off her abs, Hyorin is confident about her upper body and curvaceousness, Bora likes her firm thighs, and Dasom likes her lean arms and her body’s overall proportion. They also complimented each other. Soyou said she is envious of Dasom’s fair skin and feminine slim figure, while Dasom returned that she admired Soyou’s glamorous body. On the other hand, Bora is envious of Hyorin, as she was the exclusive model for some brand last year and Hyorin is jealous of Bora’s glowing body and heath.